Photo: Great grandparents at their farm in Blandinsville, IL, with five of their six children .. my grandpa was yet a twinkle in grandma's eye. Stable boy and governess also pictured. Hodges farm, circa 1903-4

Friday, August 11, 2006

The end of yet another week and still no construction. This "productive" week found me checking with the county on my permit ... they yet have issued the PAPER to begin building. Seems there was a question about a beam in the foundation or basement area ... of course, that meant another trip to my favorite engineers ... whom happened to be on vacation. Such efficiency! So I busied myself with selecting windows, interior doors and knobs, trim molding for doorways, baseboards, and windows. I also checked out some nice freestanding gas (wood type) stoves that can be used as supplemental heat in the winter. After watching my pop buy/haul/cut and stack wood for their heat the past twenty years, I'll be happy with the gas version. Yes, I know the wood is the real deal ... but not in my golden years, pleeeze! Here's one of the stoves I'm considering ... along with the windows selected.


Birmingham Girl said...

Windows floor to ceiling or the style of pane? Nice looking stove, I agree, that wood cutting/ hauling business will wear you out! We recently put a gas line into our fireplace for the same reason, and boy does it give out the heat, we love it. Also, it's a lot less to clean up, no ash to mess with. I pray the wheels of building will start rolling again soon, you are one patient person!

Mrs. Mac said...

Style of window and pane ... not floor to ceiling. Gosh, could you imagine having to clean those windows in the photo? The windows we ordered for the hard to clean areas (i.e. having to use a ladder on the outside of home) are double-hung tilt so you can clean them on both sides from the comfort of being inside the home.

Birmingham Girl said...

Those floor to ceiling are so beautiful, but you'd need a staff of window washer just to clean them! I like the style, kind of craftsman, no? We recently replaced all our windows and now have the double-hung tilt. What a great idea that was! It's all about making home maintenance as easy as possible while trying to maintain some style!

gramma_s said...

Your choices look lovely, I have to say, A new house would be exciting, but, I would probably forget where I bought everything, before it was delivered. :-)

Terry said...

Dear Mrs. Mac... I was so glad to hear from you!! I wanted to write to you so bad but I shouldn't be so selfish grabbing up everybody's time.

I have seen you on Maggie-ann's too and I had already come over to look at your site.

Well this is what I really loved was your room with all these windows. It is so beautiful that I couln't stop looking at it!! It would be like a dream come true being in a room like that no matter what the season is outside..Even winter...Ha!! And I don't even lIKE winter!!
In this room you could sit in really cozily and laugh at the blowing cold wind and swirling snow outside!!

We only live about 30 miles from the Buffalo border and we have gone over for Southern Gospel concerts there to Tonawanda Theatre but they don't seem to have them anymore.

Bernie and I are going to soon go and get a passport because you will need one in 2007 to get over the border and the one thing we would hate is to be separated from United States and our beloved Americans!!

You have a special needs child! You are so blessed.
My sister, Gail who lives in Toronto has three of these little treasures from the Lord and of all my sisters, she is the happiest mother!
God really seems to know who to send these precious little ones to.
To moms and dads that He can trust!

Well you know what Mrs. Mac?
It is four in the morning and I had just got up to get a drink when I saw you had visited my site, so I will say good night or good morning and go back to bed!!

Thanks for your comments!! Love from a Canadian America admirer...Terry