Photo: Great grandparents at their farm in Blandinsville, IL, with five of their six children .. my grandpa was yet a twinkle in grandma's eye. Stable boy and governess also pictured. Hodges farm, circa 1903-4

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Our master bathroom is finished. I made the valance above the tub and refinished the stool by recovering the seat and spraying the iron legs to match the metal fixtures.


Pat said...

Everything looks so pretty - you've done a beautiful job. Everything is all set for Mr. Mac's retirement - who could ask for anything more?!

Saija said...

i love it ... what a comfortable home you guys have made!

Felisol said...

Dear Mrs. Mac,
I've been admiring your home decoration skills for quite some time.
I'm deeply impressed. Not an item displayed without matching or being carefully chosen.
I have seen your home developing from scratch and yes, you are clever, indeed.
Not only a classy home, but a homely home, a home to feel comfortable and thriving in.
I don't quite get how you find time and skills, but you surely have managed.
You must be lucky being about finished with your great task.
Perhaps you might take on other missions overseas??
Our home is a chaotic mess, no coherent style, there collectors' home, where there's nothing much collectible.
Well, just now my Mom has occupied our student daughter's room ( and our bathroom), so I guess things will stay much the same for some time.
Nevertheless I've had many a good time being a secret guest in our beautiful home.
I have both your sons in my prayers, wishing them god's blessings.
From Felisol

Mrs. Mac said...

Felisol ... thanks for delurking ;) Now about taking on an overseas 'mission' ... sounds intriguing! Actually ... not much in my home was purchased as 'matching' ;) ... All of my bedroom furniture is second hand 'castoffs' ... that I've refinished to appear to be similar. The only thing purchased as a set were our great room couches. Everything else is just flea market or personal finds from yard sales. I like to see an object for what it 'could be' when it's at it's most unlovely state. Similar to how Jesus sees us as sinners, eh (lol). I have enjoyed visiting your distant sea. Lovely piece of land ... much beauty surrounds you. The journey of your father's passing was beautiful to 'witness' from a far off land. Hugs