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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

This Week At Home

We've been busy with company, my folks, and have given a few (ahem) chores to my pop to complete.  He has hooked up a faucet to our new garden sink with cold water, now to tile in the back splash with some mosaic tile 'art' .. and, yesterday, he took charge of putting up my new T-post clothesline by digging post holes and cementing in the galvanized steel posts; tomorrow we can string up the line.  Already the birds have discovered the T-posts.

Yesterday the pea vines growing on the trellis were pulled up .. not before saving some of the pods I left to harvest for seeds.  They were still producing a few peas .. but had gotten rather past their prime.  A new crop is growing to extend the season.

I am so pleased with my nasturtium 'Jewel Mix' seeds that were planted this year.  The colors are so bright they almost hurt your eyes :)  They were ordered from the Good Seed Company (Oroville, Washington) which sells open pollinated and heirloom seeds for northern gardens. 

This year's garden is a mixed review ... yet to be written off ... but already thinking about how to amend the soil for better results next year.  What's your best success (garden wise) this year?



I am envious of your clothesline and sink. These are projects on my wish list with Farmer MacGregor.

Sandy said...

Our garden did not do that
well this year and we don't
know why unless it was the
extreme heat and little
rain. We had these conditions
before and the garden did
well so we're not sure why
we had poor results.

Mr. H. said...

Your garden is still looking very green and full of life. I think our best crop will be off our 8 year old apple trees that have just this year started to come into their own and produce a crop worth harvesting. I love the clothesline and sink.:)

Rebecca said...

How wonderful to have these two projects (sink & clothesline) completed! I'll look foward to pictures of the Hanging of the First Crop of Clothes.

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

The new washing line lookes great. I'm not a fan of the rotary ones!

I'm looking forward to some nice nasturtiums this year too, haven't had them in the garden before.

Wendy said...

Oh dear. I really feel out of my element reading this. My best garden success story is that my perennials didn't die again this year. :D

Wendy said...

your garden looks great!