“Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat. In our mad rush for progress and modern improvements let's be sure we take along with us all the old-fashioned things worth while.” Laura Ingalls Wilder

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Mrs. Mac Of Late

... hopefully, not to be confused with the 'late Mrs. Mac ..

It's just been a bit dreary in the North Woods that my creative side has been stifled .. 'stuffed up' .. er .. whatever .. As soon as the sun decides to peek out from under the ongoing veil of storms .. I'll be back posting .. and I have a blog award to post.

Yesterday I managed to get to the garden center and buy some seed starting soil and peat pots . .. maybe that will get the fire going in my heart for SPRING!

Until then ...


Felisol said...

Dear Mrs. Mac,
Your blog site looks so spring fresh, like buds may burst any time.
have the pre-spring blues. We have almost 12 hours of sun by now, but it doesn't help when ice and snow are covering our garden.
I have some seeds I think I need to sow in the near future, but I am not familiar with how.
Any ideas??
It's Ash Wednesday and I haven't even set forth the feathered Lent branches.
My oh my.
I've better go to sleep and hope for a better day tomorrow.
From Felisol

Laurie said...

Here's to a quick return to your creative groove. I always enjoy hearing about what you're up to.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I love your header photo! Hey, come check out my latest post. You may have one of these honey/syrup dispensers. I repurposed one.

I am so ready for spring!

Dani said...

My very favourite flower - daffodils :-)

You are allowed a rest - though I am looking forward to reading your blog again...

FlowerLady said...

Love your comforting, homey header picture. Hope you get some spring back into your step, now that winter is on it's way out.


Wendy said...

Winter seems to be dragging on here too. I hope the sun shines on you today and gets those creative juices flowing. :)

Mr. H. said...

Isn't it ugly out there...yuck. I bet there will be lots of flooding this year, maybe even around our lake. Did you hear that Lookout pass broke a world record for the most snowfall ever...6.5' in one week I think they said, most of it fell in a two day period...amazing. The snow fall in Spokane so far has been 66.5' and 108' in Coeur d'alene. Don't worry, springs coming...just dragging its feet a bit.:)

Mrs. Mac said...

Ahh .. your kind comments are warming :)

Mr. H .. yes, it is UGLY out! And .. I did hear that Lookout Pass had a world record .. glad I don't live up on that ridge ;) I think we have had more snow than CDA (don't ya think?) Spring is always welcome .. and so is some sunshine :) The past three years I've gone on mini trips during February .. to warm sunny spots .. and didn't even think about doing so this year .. well .. next year I hope to take a little end of winter vacation to keep from getting 'stale' ;)

Roasted Garlicious said...

am chomping at the bit here too Mrs. Mac... i did start some seeds and i went to Seedy Sunday and bought some seeds and some mushrooms.. feels good to know it's just around the corner!!!

Terry said...

dear mrs. mac...your daffodil looks just like the one that bernie and i have had in our garden for two weeks...it is the only one and i guess the cold weather is keeping it alive...i had to prop it up with two sticks because the strong wind was causing its little face to drag in the ground...now it is standing nice,albeit with a very dirty face!...ha!...hoping...REALLY hoping for warm weather, miss lilac princess....love terry