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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Easter Dinner Recipes

I had a new reader, Kim, ask for some recipes used in our home for Easter dinner.  We usually have the same meal every year .. and it's always comfort food .. but if you eat too much, you certainly don't feel too comfortable.  I'm adding the recipes through links to a shared cooking blog.

Sean's Potatoes

Sticky Chicken Wings

Baked Beans

Overnight Coleslaw
(for a large dinner .. double or triple the coleslaw recipe)

We also serve a smoked ham cooked on the BBQ, green salad, green beans, dinner rolls, dessert and coffee.

Bon Appetit

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much!!! I looked at your recipes, and both the potatoes and the chicken wings sound delicious! I can already tell you that Sean's Potatoes are going to be a family favorite! Thanks again, and Happy Easter!

Wendy said...

those potatoes sound amazing!!