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Monday, August 19, 2013

A Pickle By Any Other Name

It's pickle making time and we've got a bounty of cukes this year from the garden. 

Dill Pickles
I've got two half gallon mason jars fermenting with sour pickles.  The taste test will have to wait 5-7 more days.  Recipe here.

I've heard of two ailments that dill pickle juice can possibly remedy.

1) a mild tummy ache

2)  muscle cramps

With a mild tummy ache this morning I took a small shot of dill pickle juice.  While the tummy ache eventually went away, I think this helped with causing me to burp so may aid in heartburn relief.  One try is not enough to make any conclusions.

Taking a small amount (2.5 oz) of dill pickle juice is reported to speed up relief from muscle cramps.  If you have a medical condition that limits salt, check with your doctor first.  Be sure to check out the links for more details. 

From the Original White House Cookbook, 1887 edition ... under 'Health Suggestions' ... it mentions on page 495:  "Nervous spasms are usually relieved by a little salt taken into the mouth and allowed to dissolve."

Yea or Nay?  What do you say?  Do you have an old time remedy for a tummy ache and/or muscle cramps/spasms? 


Kathy Felsted Usher said...

No remedies but my kids always loved to freeze the pickle juice and have it as a pop later or just plain drink it for fun.

Kathryn said...

Do you grow your own dill, too? Do you use it dried or fresh?

Mrs. Mac said...

Kathryn, Yes .. I grow my own dill. Now it reseeds every year and I have to thin it out. I try to use the seed heads green or dry for jarred pickles. The weed/fern like leaves is hung and dried for winter use. Very easy herb to grow.

Lynn said...

For an upset stomach -- a hot tea made with lemon juice, water, and grated ginger.