Photo: Great grandparents at their farm in Blandinsville, IL, with five of their six children .. my grandpa was yet a twinkle in grandma's eye. Stable boy and governess also pictured. Hodges farm, circa 1903-4

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Dh arrives a week from today! The new home is busy with workers til the late hours of the day. Last night I thought I'd take a little drive out there about 9:30 PM ... in my bright blue robe and jammies to walk around without all the workers in the way ... what do I find??? but workers still working! Needless to say I turned around and drove back to my rental home (hee, hee). This week my clawfoot tub got installed (still waiting to get the plumbing hooked up) ... all of the lights are working now, and more of the interior trim work got painted. Today the front steps were built leading up to the covered porch. Over the weekend a cleaning lady will begin the first phase of the clean up. She'll come back once again right before we move in. The carpet will be the last thing to get installed.

Photos: bonus/guest room above garage, foyer with new lights installed


Saija said...

so when is the move in date now?

it is looking just lovely! :o) ...

Pat said...

You're so close to move in time - need help with anything?
It's almost new baby time too - Nathan and I will watch the new baby while you guys get all organized!
I love the diary of pictures - its been great.

Terry said...

Ha! Miss Pat...So THAT is how you are weedling your way into Mrs. Mac's house.
I wish I would have thought of it first...
I am one good cleaning lady..
And here you went and applied and got accepted for the job!!!
NOT fair!!........Love Terry

Mrs. Mac for such a big house don't you need a butler or sometning?
I'll just put on a stuffy suit and do the job!! Terry

PS...I can shovel snow?....

Mrs. Mac said...

Miss Terry, You're hired for all of the above!

Terry said...

Does that mean that Miss Patty is laid off and that she WILL be part of the family in the guest room instead of being the cleaning lady??
NOT fair!! I hereby send in my resignation BEFORE I am hired!!

And besides there won't be any snow to shovel anyways, because I have prayed with Miss Patty that you have a sun-shiny day with no snow or wind!!

And that Miss P. can just butler herself into her guest room for all I care!!......Love Terry

Jada's Gigi said...

Its looking awesome!! and I can't believe you are right on schedule!

Mrs. Mac said...

Miss Terry, you just can't resign before you've begun ...tis just not fair!! Besides, I'll give you complete charge over the Gift. He'll be easier to take care of than a newborn baby :)

Is your friend Jim really 105?? He writes with a MUCH younger frame of mind ... and his music tastes are way too close to my age for him ;)

Terry said...

I can't believe it either Mrs.Mac. He is so young at heart!

I have not been able to write him for a couple of days.
He is going away tomorrow so I will have to slip up to his blog and write him a short note.
It can get so busy these days.
I am trying to get a passport so I can go to that job you have for me but way too bad I guess I will not be able to make it.
Now if I had of heard about looking after the Gift I would have really tried sooner!
Can you just imagine though Mrs. Mac the fight between two grown ladies over one little boy? It would NOT be a pretty sight!

That Miss Patty would just have to respect her elders that's all, and give in!!...Love Terry

Pat said...

Just which "elders" do you refer to Terry? I believe that I am probably the elder of this silly bunch!

Terry said...

No way Lady Birmingham...I am!
I will be 58 years old in August!
Eek...! I am pushing 60 already and in Canada we can be pensioned off at 60!! And I sure know WHERE I want to retire!!Ha!!!....Love Terry

Hi Mrs. Mac!

Pat said...

As much as it pains me to admit this, I AM the senior of this group. I will be 60 in July. I guess I should be thanking the Lord instead of complaining, but I don't really like to be the oldest in a group - that was only fun when I was 5!

Terry said...

It doesn't matter at all Miss Pat. In my eyes you and Mrs. Mac are such fun loving people that sometimes you remind me of two teenagers having such good times!!
You have probably never grown up and I myself am not planning on doing that yet either!!
Poor Mrs. Mac...She really still IS just a youngster,eh? She will just have to put up with the pair of us, eh Miss Pat?...Love Terry

Mrs. Mac said...

So you two have been carrying on all day without me, eh? I just returned from the "lodge" and found the carpet newly installed. Took the "Gift" to his new school to spend recess with his way too cool new teacher. He will start on Monday (full day) and is ready for the big changes ahead of him. He's very excited that his daddy is coming home in two more days.

Today is a beautiful sun shiny day in the mid 50's. Warm enough to wash the road grime off my truck.

ttfn ... I'm a bit stressed and have "nothing on/in my mind" worth posting a blog page. ;)

Margie said...

I can't wait to visit!

gramma_s said...

Looks to me like "while the cats away the mice will play" (Terry and Pat) But their ambition doesn't bother me, cause while they do all the work, Mrs Mac and I can sit and have tea.

Only 2 more days, I'm so excited!!!

Pat said...

What ambition? By help, I was offering to direct the workers and hold the new baby!
Are you with me Terry?

Terry said...

I WOULD be with you Miss Patty but like I said, passports are taking way too long now to get!

Just remember when you are hugging the little Gift and holding that darling Jacob, I want you to give me a full report.
It seems like your bestest friend is not posting these days. I wonder why?......Love Terry

Hi Mrs. Mac!!!!!!!!