Photo: Great grandparents at their farm in Blandinsville, IL, with five of their six children .. my grandpa was yet a twinkle in grandma's eye. Stable boy and governess also pictured. Hodges farm, circa 1903-4

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Orange and Wild

Well, I'll be ... who knew the benefits of using essential oils could be .. well .. so beneficial?

I've been using a few natural essential oils in my home made cleaning products for the past several years.  It's nice to have that spa-like smell wafting through the rooms.  Recently I purchased some food grade oils, in particular wild orange and lavender.  The orange really wakes up my cup of tea or water.  Lavender makes me drift off to sleep more easily when applied to my pillow .. and really conks me out to be honest.  One of the benefits of the orange oil is as a digestive aid (and having anti fungal/anti inflammatory properties). To be more specific .. flatulence reducer.  And boy, do we have a nearly grown boy that really needs some help in this area.  He's had part of his colon and one internal sphincter  removed due to a medical condition (Hirschsprung's Disease).  Let's just say that we are no longer able to board an airplane or offer friends rides in the car with this child.  I have a small air purifier in his bedroom .. to which I've taped a small flap of tissue.  Each night I dab a little lavender and wild orange oil on the paper and it flutters in the breeze of the fan.  It's one way to 'take' the oil .. through breathing.  His room smells wonderful too.  A small drop in his water glass each morning of the orange oil is taken internally.  It's only been a week using the orange oil and this is what I've noticed.  1) 95% flatulence free ...2) No stench from his room.  3) No 'accidents' in his pull ups (yes .. due to surgery he wears them .. although he uses the toilet).  Now this is the other wonderful thing I've noticed .. his seborrhea (adult cradle cap) that has plagued him for years is GONE .. as well as excessive ear wax.  I shall report back in a week to 'see' if this miracle of miracles is still true.  No more Mr. Stinky!             Note  Seborrhea is thought to be caused from a fungi/yeast.  It's very difficult to treat in an adult.  We have been using a special dandruff shampoo for Nathan for over a year and it has not even touched the healing properties that the wild orange oil has given.

Monday, February 04, 2013

Nine Weeks

... but who's counting? 

I am!  That's how many weeks until our newest grandbaby arrives; my arms are aching to hold him .. and I'm sure my daughter is about ready to get her body back in shape.  It's been hard on her having two children so close together.

Can it really be February already?  This is the month I usually start my tomato seeds and get bit by the gardening bug.  In truth .. when I look out the window the garden beds are covered in a thick layer of snow.  The monthly budget has been worked out .. bills paid.  We're getting closer to retirement .. hubby is in count down mode.  Living on a budget is the smartest plan by far.  Last week we had two dates .. from sensibly priced to free.  The free one involved sampling chocolates at an event sponsored at our local library and included a mini history lesson.

We had an impromptu Super Bowl gathering at our home yesterday.  Part of our budget is not having cable TV.  Thank goodness our son-in-law brought over his portable antenna and was able to hook it up to the TV in the man cave.  That meant I didn't have to watch or listen to much of it.

My daughter and I prepared a feast .. which seemed larger than even Thanksgiving dinner for some reason.  There will be no cooking required for the next several days.  She and I enjoyed the peace and quiet since the menfolk were downstairs .. so we sewed a snugly baby blanket.

I'm thankful for having my family nearby, access to quality local food, and the ability to cook without the use of overly processed ingredients.  Now if I had stayed away from a cup of evening coffee, I'd be fast asleep instead of wide awake.  What's up in your neck of the woods?