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Friday, April 05, 2013

Hoppin' Mad

Although I'm not surprised, yesterday's annual trip for my special needs son's physical exam was another robotic action on my part.  While I'm not opposed to being seen for routine wellness exams, I am appalled by typical medical practices.

Upon arriving at the office, I was handed a closed notebook and asked to hand it to my son for him to read and sign (without my viewing/consent).   This ticked me off so I opened the folder in front of the office staff.  It was a form asking the minor child about receiving a vaccine for HPV (a sexually transmitted disease).  I handed it back informing them he could not read OR write his name and they could keep the form.

The nurse wanted to also do a one time screen for high cholesterol with a finger poke.  Again, this was done last year in his blood draw.  Please check your records.

I was asked if I had specific concerns.  YES!  But at every turn my thoughts were shot down because they didn't fall within the AMA's (non-existent) expert studies relating to candida infections.

The biggest 'let down' was when I mentioned that I monitor his diet like a hawk .. providing healthy foods .. (sounds boring ..was muttered under doc's breath).

It seems if you are a parent trying to better the health of your children .. you can get 'shot down' .. for not conforming to the 'rules' ..  I wonder if these people even know or care about GMO foods?  Probably not!

We left with that yearly duty checked off our 'to-do' list .. wondering WHY are we going through the motions?

Sometimes I just want to go underground.

MD = More Drugs

(A few years ago) the pediatric GI wanted him to take Miralax and (GMO corn syrup laden) fruit cocktail to help with regularity and insisted it is harmless.  I decided to take control with a better diet .. but dare I say so?  NO.  It would go against everything taught about prescribing medications that most MD's are taught.

Warning about Miralax
Genetic Roulette .. the movie .. (our kids are not science experiments)

A penny for your thoughts.