Photo: Great grandparents at their farm in Blandinsville, IL, with five of their six children .. my grandpa was yet a twinkle in grandma's eye. Stable boy and governess also pictured. Hodges farm, circa 1903-4

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The hydro seed company sprayed on the front lawn and should be back to apply some wetland grass and wild flowers to the side and back portions of our yard to help with erosion. A thunder and lightning storm rolled through with just a light mist of rain ... we're not supposed to water until tomorrow, so I was glad it didn't pour buckets of rain. The white front porch rockers have small rugs under each one to make the motion smooth, and the geraniums need to fill out a bit. Today, my new shipment of scented geraniums arrived by UPS! It amazes me that they look perky after being boxed up for over a week! I went to a nursery this morning to begin the task of selecting shrubs and perennials that are considered deer resistant for the flowerbeds. I'm thinking of transplanting some native plants such as wild roses and snow berry bushes as they grow so well. Today, I spied an orchid plant among all the wild flowers, and I just can not get over how many forget-me-nots are growing on our property. This has to be my favorite time of year with all the flowers to "drink in" ... a close second to the fall season.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Down the HOME stretch: Over the past few weeks the place has taken on a finished appearance. Landscaping is underway with the installation of sprinklers and concrete curbing. On Monday we should have the front yard hydro seeded. For Mother's Day I received many pony-packs of beautiful flowers from the kids. These have been planted in the nooks and crannies of our front and rear rock retaining walls ... who needs flower pots??? The painter finished up on Tuesday and the trim and front porch came out great. The back acreage is such a lush emerald green filled with lots of wild flowers, ferns, strawberries, and young pine trees. Large trees stand guard and provide much needed shade on the back patio in the afternoon. From the front porch rockers you can watch the morning and evening activity of a woodpecker family that has made a cozy home in an old lopped off tree. I'm settling into a routine, one patterned after my earlier years living with my grandparents that includes a daily schedule, getting to bed early, taking time to smell the roses, and not over filling my day with too much busyness. Hurry back dear hubby ... our home is waiting for you!

Flower In The Crannied Wall

Flower in the crannied wall,

I pluck you out of the crannies,

I hold you here, root and all,

in my hand,

Little flower -

but if I could understand

What you are, root and all,
and all in all,

I should know what God and man is.

By: Alfred Tennyson

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Our great room is the spot to relax after dinner on a chilly evening. Warmth from the freestanding stove's fire will keep you toasty! In the morning time, we have the fire going to just take the chill out of the house without heating up all the rooms. Look at the wolf painting I came across at a secondhand store. We're going for a woodsy-lodge theme ... can't wait to get that buffalo robe/rug DH is sending my way :)