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Sunday, August 22, 2010


... has struck with the drying of the onions at the Thrifty Garden/Home.  This year's crop yielded smaller onions compared to the bounty last summer .... but they are very tasty.  Both red and Spanish onions will be savored as long as the storage lasts.  We still have a few weeks to hope the walla walla onions get larger.  They were planted by seed and are still growing showing no sign yet of withering or drooping green tops.

  Soon my garlic shipment should arrive for fall planting ... then next summer we'll have garlicitis for sure (and maybe bad breath;).  Now to build a better mouse (vole) trap ... I'm planning to make (with hubby's help) a raised bed with fine wire mesh at the bottom to deter the varmints from  helping themselves to this prized crop.

Do you have a favorite onion?

Photos:  Mrs. Mac's onions drying prior to storage


FlowerLady said...

Wow, what a nice crop of onions. I like Vidalia and Spanish and Red onions. I don't grow any of them.


Wendy said...

Good luck with the mice traps lol. I'm pretty sure they can squeeze in pretty near any size hole if they have a mind to though

Wendy said...

These onions looks great! I haven't tried growing onions (but do grow garlic). I love red onions, maybe for color more than taste.

Larry said...

Walla Walla for eating fresh and Copra for storage.

Pat said...

My onions were a disappointment this year. I planted a lot but they didn't do well. Last year I had too many to eat!
My favorite is the Vidalia and a good red onion.

Star said...

Your onions look great to me. They don't have to be big to be tasty! My favourites are Spanish onions because they are very mild and can be eaten in salads. I also love red onions for their flavour.

Blessings, Star

Felisol said...

You are so clever. I've never even tried onions, and we use lots and lots of them.
Next year, maybe?