“Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat. In our mad rush for progress and modern improvements let's be sure we take along with us all the old-fashioned things worth while.” Laura Ingalls Wilder

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sweet Sleep

 ... was had last night on my first crop of sheets line dried outside yesterday :)  Better than any heavily scented liquid fabric softener ... air-sunshine-fresh-goodness! 


Sandy said...

With you all the way on
that! The fresh fragrance
alone will soothe you to

Rebecca said...

I'm envious! I can smell their scent and feel their "touch". Now that our mulberry tree has been removed, nothing is standing in my way of putting up a line!

What a beautiful, beautiful picture.

Kathryn said...

I think i would do that, if i could get Duane to bring gravel home. As it is, we have only dirt & i'm such a klutz, i drop things all the time! Dropping in dirt = rewash. We do have so many rocks on our property, tho, if i just began gathering them up i'd soon have a rock garden on which to put the clothes line. :)

It is always so fun to read what you've been up to & catch up.

Sending you hugs from So Cal.

Out Back said...

I love the smell of fresh washing straight from the line. There is nothing better than climbing into bed on to nice crisp sheets.

I don't own a dryer, my clothes are always put on the line and if they don't dry in winter I put them in front of the wood fire to finish off. Also my hubby, the kind sole that he is, built me a line under the veranda so I can still hang the clothes out even in bad weather.

Have a great day,


Mr. H. said...

I like it, there is no better way to dry your laundry. I also really like your new header picture.:)

Here is a link that you might have use for in the future. We have never purchased garlic from these people but their prices are really good and they are local...I think they even deliver.


Jacquelyn Stager said...

"There's a new day comin..." I think we bloggers are starting a new (old) trend!!

I did the same this summer. I will really miss it when it gets too cold to hang the clothes out.

Great photo!


Why is that? Sun dried cotton cloth simply smells great.

donna said...

tis the best...I agree and love my clothesline....

Did you know that line-drying clothes is prohibited in many many cities and towns across our nation...so very sad.

Mrs. Mac said...

... yes, Donna ... isn't that a sad fact about clothesline restrictions. I view them as a piece of art :)

donna said...

it is very sad..and to be forced into paying to dry clothes when the Good Lord provides the sun, air, wind...all we need...my mother would hang clothes out even in the winter, then bring them in and put them over the heat registers on clothes bars...we never had a dryer..

BTW, I love the new look, the red and your pic of fresh baked bread..{{{hugs}}}

Frugal Life UK said...

Hi- I don't own a drier and manage to dry my washing outside, then finish it inside all year round, I dry mine in front of the woodburner in the winter

Felisol said...

Because of Gunnar's multiple pollen allergies we cannot dry wash outdoors any longer. It's so sad. The smell from sun and wind are better than any artificial fragrance. (I don't use that either, only neutral washing powder.)

Law against outdoor laundry;?? The world has gone completely bananas.

My mother still is drying most of her laundry under her veranda. Two weeks ago she fell, when she climbed upon two plastic bags of soil to reach up to the string, wearing cracks on her feet.
She still aches, and has promised, no more balancing acts. But her laundry must and shall dry outdoors.

Anonymous said...

was searching about Goodies Garlic in N.Idaho. Saw the ad in the NickelsWorth and bought some this year, what wonderful people, and boy their price is great. Excellent garlic.....we are going to pick their pears and they have tons of apples, I guess we're going next week.

Anyway, I wanted to mention Dr.Oz last night said eat your garlic raw.
I had talked to Goodie a couple months ago after seeing your post on her, she said they always take a raw clove,chop into tiny bits, and then at dinner, have a bit of raw garlic inbetween food bites and you don't get garlic breath and you do get all the benefits of the raw garlic. If you cook the garlic at all, you just get flavor.

I just love following your blog, I know what you mean about doing all the "fall" work before winter hits, and my punkins need babying, all still green, going to have to knit them each a blanket quick! LOL