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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cauliflower AND Sprouts

I recently purchased a head of cauliflower.  Grandma would fix it steamed with a little salt, pepper and butter as a side dish.  Over the years when my children were small, I, too, tried this same approach .. and it was a miserable failure .. in their eyes.  So off to 'google' for a family pleasing recipe.  The one I found had rave reviews about how kids liked it .. so this is what became of that beautiful head of cauliflower.

Oven Roasted Cauliflower (click link for the actual recipe) .. you toss it with olive oil (I used a bowl instead of a throw away plastic bag), sprinkle it with salt, pepper and fresh pressed garlic .. roast in a hot oven .. then sprinkle it with Parmesan cheese and parsley .. broil for a quick minute.  I tossed in a little cumin to spice it up.  The bowl was empty and the family was almost fighting about who would get the last serving.  Last night my daughter called to ask for the recipe.  It's so easy .. give it a try .. better make extra.

With our greens being limited to what's frozen (chard and spinach) .. or what we purchase, my sprouting jar is getting started up again today .. so we can have some enzyme and vitamin packed additions to our sandwiches and salads in just a few days.  Have your grown sprouts in a jar?  It's very easy .. you can use a standard quart mason jar with a  little mesh or screen placed under the outer band.  Rinse the seeds and drain .. tipping the jar to empty excess water .. do this several times a day .. and keep in a dark location.  Once the seeds start to sprout .. they really take off.  Rinse well and store in the refrigerator for several days.  I ordered these seeds (a mixture) on-line .. but I've seen them in the health food store.  (Detailed instructions here.)

This coming gardening year I am going to give my  hand at growing celery .. and overwinter it .. just imagine the tasty greens you can selectively harvest when the garden is sleeping.  How do you get your winter greens?


Sandy said...

This recipe sounds good. I usually
fix cauliflower (which I love) the
way your grandma did and enjoy it
very much that way. Shaun likes it
a lot too. Kim and Seth, not so much.
It's the same with greens. I am the
only one who enjoys all greens. It
seemed like we would have them in our
garden forever but they finally stopped
producing. Now I buy the large bunches
at the grocer and eat them twice a week.
Veggies are my favorite food no matter
how they're prepared.

Sandy said...

Forgot- which seeds did you buy for
sprouting? I haven't tried that in
years but want to again. I went to
the website and saw so many it's
hard to choose.

Mrs. Mac said...

Sandy .. I bought the "salad mix" seeds.

The Professor's Wife said...

I have not successfully sprouted seeds yet, but I intend to keep trying, so thanks for the tips! By the way, I love the Waltons :), and we do have a lot in common.

Bellen said...

As salad greens are high priced due to the Dec/Jan freeze here in FL, I'm also getting out the sprouting jars. I usually do a salad mix, broccoli and maybe just radish for the spiciness. As I don't have a place to keep them in the dark, I just cover/drape with a dish towel.

Monday's Child said...

I starting using sprouts just about 2 months ago. They are ridiculously easy to grow. And I have to admit, none of mine have made it into anything yet. I've just been munching them by themselves as snacks. I'd bought a variety of I think 12 or so different seeds, and I've made one jar/batch of each so far. Now that I've got a better feel for which ones I really like, I'll be getting more serious about growing and using them. ;-)

LynnS said...

That cauliflower recipe sure sounds good and I'll have to try that next garden-harvest time.

Sprouts really are easy and very nutritious. They're good w/ salad, sandwiches, and our hens like them quite a bit too! :-)

Are you as excited to start gardening this Spring as I am? lol I am REALLY ready to dig!