“Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat. In our mad rush for progress and modern improvements let's be sure we take along with us all the old-fashioned things worth while.” Laura Ingalls Wilder

Monday, August 29, 2011

I'm Nearing The Breaking Point ...

Every summer arrives with it's own workload .. and now that the workload is here, I'm dreaming about cool autumn days .. no lawn care .. no canning .. just lazing about for a few months.  Anyone else at the breaking point?  Here's to taking a break tomorrow and heading to the park, stopping for a cool drink at our favorite coffee house, shopping for school shoes and kicking back for awhile. 


Rita said...

Yes, feeling just like you. I'm planning to change my life for a while. Nothing can be worth the weariness I feel. To many full days for such a long time. Great to know that if possible I won't be busy for a while. Best to you in your efforts to slow down.

Lynda said...

Gosh...I feel like I have barely started! Our weather was so cool for so long the crops took forever to get planted and now they're still a few weeks behind. I need to can more corn, start the tomatoes, dehydrate squash and watermelon. I want to make some soap and plant the Fall garden. I need to move another coop into the chicken yard for the new pullets...I just keep running out of time...and I feel the cool days of Autumn nipping at my heels...please let us have an Indian summer...just too much left for me to do.

Dani said...

Take it easy, Mrs Mac - Rome wasn't built in a day either - and it didn't hurt Rome LOL

FlowerLady said...

Oh yes, kicking back for awhile sounds like a good idea. It's been a long hot summer and hopefully cooler weather isn't too far away.


Pat said...

I hear ya sister and I feel your pain, LOL!

Felisol said...

Life is something that's happening while one's busy making other plans..
This summer I didn't even harvest the five goose berries, black and red currants trees. They were ready just as the family tornado struck. We have eaten from the tree and have had plates with goose berries as snacks instead of pop corn.
Herbs are likewise been used everyday in food, but almost nothing conserved for the winter.
Our garden is still our sanctuary. We recharge batteries there and that is what really counts. I hope we can travel three hours south to buy potatoes and veggies from my cousin's farm later on, if God will.
We shall certainly not starve.
I'd so like to admire a photo of this year's garden production, Mrs. Mac, if you've got the time. You are so inspiring, brings back memories from my own childhood, and storerooms full of jars with all kinds of goodies in them.
Even pears and plums were boiled with sugar and water and store on tall glasses for winter use. I still remember my Mom wrapping newspaper around the glasses with pears inside, to avoid the pears turning brown in the storeroom. Pear dessert with whipped cream, aaah.

I hope you too will eat happy summer memories when winter comes.

Trish said...

Yes, Mrs. Mac....we are ready!
My Daddy always had a HUGE garden and I know the work they are...before...during and after.