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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tomato, Tomato, Tomato

a previous year's harvest at TTGH
I'm eying my 30-40 tomato plants with great anticipation of a bumper crop come harvest time!  They are ALL still green .. but plumping up nicely.  Oh .. and the aroma of tomato leaves as you brush up against the plants .. well .. intoxicating.  Of course, this means a few 'mean' days of kitchen work canning and freezing are in order.  The saving grace of all the hard work done each summer is the anticipation of sitting back and enjoying the changing of the seasons.  Well .. I'm not quite done with summer .. but soon. 


Lynda said...

I will be canning tomatoes in two weeks...I can't wait! I love everything about the process...from going out to the fields with my son and husband, the blanching, the cooking then running through the Squeezo and then cooking down the sauce for hours in the huge electric roasters...then in to the jars and into the pressure canner....favorite time of the year.

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Lovely, I hope you enjoy them. I grew about 60 plants last year and while the preserving took a bit of work, we've been enjoying them all Autumn and Winter and I still have plenty left in the freezer.
Best wishes Bridget

Dani said...

I wonder if the fact that both tomatoes and basil smell so heavenly has anything to do with how well they compliment each other - not only in the garden, but in a culinary sense too?

FlowerLady said...

Your crop of up-coming tomatoes sounds wonderful and I know you and your fmaily will enjoy it during the coming winter months.


Tonya said...

I am eyeing my 6-7 tomato plants hoping they turn red before summer ends :) I had great hopes of canning salsa from fresh ingredients out of my garden...but...not so sure now.