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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Food Prepping

... to leave a good supply of home goodness while I'm away.  Hubby is in charge of the homestead next week.  This means he will buy grocery items from the middle of the store .. the worst offenders laden with chemicals and over processed .. unless I leave a good supply of baked breads, and some meals he can set out to defrost and heat up for dinner.  I'm sure even after my baking and cooking efforts have taken place, he will hit the store a few times.  He is not a foodie and often eats what's convenient.  I did leave STRICT instructions that a trip to McDonald's is forbidden; at least for Nathan.  Last night he started taking notes about meal preparations.  When asking how to cook pasta, I said, 'read the label' .. He seemed rather excited about buying a box of Eggo waffles .. but alas, I shall break that little bubble and make homemade freezer waffles.  I'm sure he's not alone as far as hubbies that don't know how to cook.  Maybe home economic courses in healthy eating should be mandatory for both boys and girls .. and heaven forbid the U.S.  government get involved .. if you ever take a peek at school lunches served according to their guidelines, then they might as well eat at Micky-D's.  Rant over.


Rebecca said...

I KNEW I shouldn't have been away from your blog so long! I assume everyone else knows where you're going!

Sounds like you've done your best to give directions & suggestions for the week.

I like your accidental bread experience. I use the bread machine quite a bit, but just may have to try your "accident" myself!

Dani said...

"Jamie in America" gave us a pretty good idea of school lunches in the US.

School lunches are unheard of in this country... perhaps it's just as well :)

The Younger Rachael said...

HA! My hubby is one who feigns ignorance in the kitchen. But he survived eating his own cooking for many years before we got married. Though he eats better now than he did before....