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Sunday, January 01, 2012

COST OF FOOD 2011 (for my records .. ignore post)

January - $450
February - $650 (includes extra to stock pantry)
March - $650 (includes extra to stock pantry)
April - $650 (includes extra to stock pantry)
May - $650 (includes extra for company)
June - $500
July - $400
August - $989 (this includes yearly purchase of beef)
September - $900 (this includes groceries and yearly purchase of a whole pig)
October - $325
November - $350 (includes Thanksgiving dinner)
December - $425


Maria Stahl said...

How are we supposed to ignore such fascinating stuff? :) I think you did GREAT. And it will probably go down next year since you bought so wisely this year.

Felisol said...

Dear Mrs. Mac,
Congratulation with your financial victory. You must also have in mind how many persons your are providing for with your 7000 dollar budget, and the high quality of the food you are eating. I know you have never let economy destroy your high standards. As far as I have been able to follow you, your standards and green living are improving all the time.
Congratulation and I know these results will spur you to keep up the good work.
A prospering New year for you and your family
From felisol

Margie said...

AMAZING!! not ignoring!