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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Update - Perpetual Bone Broth

So .. How's the perpetual chicken stock in the pot for a week going?  Today is Day 4.  My pot is on the slow cook burner on the stove top.  I've taken out at least 1-1/2 gallons of stock in the past three days, and enough chicken meat at the end of Day 1 to make several meals.  I must admit, it's going fine ... Day 2 was a bit 'gross' as all the chicken skin and veggies kept floating on top ... making it appear to be nothing but 'muck' soup.  Yesterday, I took a fine mesh skimmer and took the floating debris from the pot.  Now .. it's just a lovely golden clear stock that steeps .. not boiling or simmering .. at a constant temp around 180F.  When I ladle out what's needed for the day, I pour it in a fat separator and through a fine mesh and replenish with an equal amount of filtered water.The liquid is perfectly clear and very flavorful .. no foul taste at all ... and I bring it to just a simmer in a small pan ... just to be on the safe side.  Adding a pinch of salt and a little dried thyme makes for a good hot beverage .. or the start to great soup.  Last night I used a quart of the broth when making homemade enchilada sauce .. the previously de-boned chicken was part of the filling.  

Our computer is finally back on-line now that we got a new service provider.  So far .. so good.

I came across this(chicken) bone broth recipe using a crock pot that is perpetually filled with an ongoing batch of broth for the entire week.  Will try it tomorrow and let you know how it works.  There's even a nifty energy-wise comparison chart here if you think having your crock pot running all week would be too expensive; I hope you enjoy nosing around this great website (The Nourished Kitchen). I signed up for the email newsletter.  Tomorrow, I'll share how I (somewhat) redeemed the sauerkraut that I canned late last summer.  For those that like to keep a well stocked pantry in case of an emergency or food shortage, and yet know the advantages of fermented sauerkraut, stay tuned .. you will be mildly surprised to know you can have both.


Tanya said...

Mrs Mac I've had the best time pouring over and catching up with your past posts ( I should be making my lunch for work instead though). Thanks for some really good reads.

Ruth Trowbridge said...

I have never seen this before - I am going to try it too - liked the link too, thanks - good to have you back - peace

Rocky Mountain Homemaker said...

Thanks so much. I will be trying Fisherman's Friend!........Denise

Rachael Younger said...

So -- I'm trying the perpetual bone broth. We never have enough chicken broth, so I plan to freeze any I don't use. Thanks for the idea!