“Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat. In our mad rush for progress and modern improvements let's be sure we take along with us all the old-fashioned things worth while.” Laura Ingalls Wilder

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Today we're keeping up with routine maintenance at the Thrifty Garden/Home.  Hubby and I feel it is imperative to not let repair work stack up and have a small job turn into a big job.  Routine maintenance can be checking caulking around the window trim or around the bath tubs.  Keeping the carpets and wood floors vacuumed so they wear better and last longer.  De-greasing the stove hood and cleaning the stove top .. just small stuff that if neglected makes for drudgery later on.

Two days this week I was away from home all day long.  Eating out .. even being careful .. has led to food allergies (hives) .. so it's nice to be back in the kitchen making our own food.  I've even noticed inflammation in my hands from not so stellar food ingredients.  Our food system in the U.S.A. is pretty doomed unless you go above and beyond the fare offered in the general market/restaurant.

Spring is right around the corner .. although not free from the possibility of snow and frost, it's promising to see sunny blue skies and hear the birds chirping ... and thinning snow.

Have a blessed day!


Dani said...

Spring cleaning? :)

Routine repair work - it is the pits, but as you say, so necessary in order to keep everything looking shipshape. Obviously Spring is helping you find the energy - me - I'm sinking in Autumn / Winter mode... LOL

Sandy said...

Yay, keeping up with work and not letting it accumulate is a good thing! I did that already, now I'm looking for things to do because outside is cold again and raining. So sorry to hear you had an allergic reaction to something you ate out. I find eatting at home less stressful and I don't react to things. Feel better and don't work to hard.

Anonymous said...

Great advice, always trying here too.:)

Your lamp and shade is grand along with the bedding, well done! Looking forward to spring. :D


Felisol said...

I prefer spring cleaning to Christmas cleaning. Now the sun is shining from 07.25a.m. till 06.45 p.m. It's wonderful and I most of all want to spend time outdoors. At least our windows are shining again. Till next saltwater storm.
Don't you ever have to fix your roof after a snowy winter? We always have to look out for broken tiles.
I envy you your neat and tidy home. I know theres lots of work behind the delicate look. Every third week two cleaner women come to our house. We are tidying, throwing and carrying things a whole day before they arrive. They will not even move a chair to wash under the table....
After my two cataract operations I wasn't allowed to bend down or vacuum.
It some way felt relieving. I have more operations to come. The good God sees what I need. But I have begun working outdoors a tiny bit. That is so rewarding.
Especially when we enjoy some of Gunnar's homemade spelt bread.
There's no place like home to eat healthy.

Jada's Gigi said...

How come I never see updates for this blog a the Sister's Blog? Just catching up with you. :) I try very hard to keep the maintenance done but man on man...it surely is a hard task master!
Felisol, you have saltwater storms?? What is that?? AND you can work in your garden already?? What is this strange place called Norway?? :)

Mrs. Mac said...

Jada's Gigi .. I remedied the update situation just this morning:)

Vicki @ Light for the Creative Soul said...

Love the photos! Your home is so lovely. Hope your hives are better...we're trying our best to eliminate processed foods and gluten, but when/if I eat out, it's hard to eat as well. Thinking of your little scarf baby with love & prayers.

Mrs. Mac said...

@ Felisol .. we have a composite shingle room with a 30 year warranty. Unless we have a hurricane wind come through, it's pretty secure .. and if it should leak, it should be repairable through the warranty.

Margie said...

love this post! so true! a stitch in time saves nine! sometimes i feel like i have the soul of a 75 year old!