“Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat. In our mad rush for progress and modern improvements let's be sure we take along with us all the old-fashioned things worth while.” Laura Ingalls Wilder

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Because I Said So ....

There hasn't been as much flack over the use of homemade dressings and not having sugary lemonade available 24/7.  The Mr. is settling in to eating better and not complaining about eating only what is available at home .. which sometimes means he has to do without treats (fake food).  Why, 'because I said so .. (lol).  Sometimes a homemaker just has to put her foot down and do what is right and best for her family.  Even if that means change.  I think he's noticed that our food bill is a lot less .. yet we are eating real food that is satisfying and nutritious.

Friday afternoon we were out in town; the Mr. and our grandson at the City Park ... and I was grocery shopping.  Ring, ring .. my phone goes off.  It's the Mr. informing me at 2:30 that he forgot company was coming over at 5 PM for dinner.  Panic?  No .. I just bought some fresh Alaskan Salmon from the fish market .. thawed a few steaks from our freezer and made a surf and turf dinner in no time flat.  I did inform the Mr. to call the company to see if they'd come over at 6 instead of 5.  All's well that ends well.  Having a stocked pantry came to the rescue once again. 

Tonight I 'introduced' my family to the proper use of their salad forks, to pull the chair out for me, and to place their napkins on their laps.  Manners are being whipped into shape each time we dine.  Do you instill and insist on your family using good and proper table manners?


Lynda said...

Well our new eating habits had been going along smoothly for about a year now and last night Big Bill turned up his nose at the fresh cod! Said he was sick of fish! His Dr. has ORDERED fish 2 to 3 times a week and I'm getting lip from MR. 6 way-bypass/valve replacement!!!! Whew! Rant is over. Tonight: Big green salad using 4 different heads of lettuce from the garden, radishes and green onions...broccoli and artichokes from the garden...steamed new potatoes, from the garden and...a very small, lean 3 oz piece of grass-fed beef steak. Tomorrow: Wild caught salmon!

mamarachael said...

You are in inspiration, Mrs. Mac. I have dreams of proper place mats and such, but I'll have to convert the Hubby first. Well, maybe not to place mats, but putting the napkin in his lap will take a miracle! And teaching them how to use a salad fork? Wow -- I"m not sure I know how!

Anyhoo, I love hearing about what you are doing!

Sandy said...

Mrs. Mac,

Manners are always used at our table. From time to time our son will think he has to race while eatting his food, causing undo stress at the table. Which in turn requires a minor adjustment (a smack) or he will lose his ability to eat when we eat. He always decides to slow down. Most meals are home cooked meals unless of course I'm not feeling well. In that case, Bulldog Man will cook (which is usually spaghetti) or he will say, I'm going to go into town to get something and bring it home since you don't feel good.

Sue said...

I have no hope here---hubby eats with "gusto", and any attempts to get him to slow down and actually TASTE the food end up with him calling me a nag. I give up. In all other areas, he is a wonderful, kind, and generous man. I'll let him eat like a barbarian
(and secretly admire your family!!)

Anonymous said...

Hello Mrs Mac from a still fairly cold UK!
My dear Mum (now in Glory) always insisted on proper manners at the table, each of us taking turns in saying grace, using the correct Cutlery etc!.
We invited friends and had a lovely Sunday lunch yesterday after church. I took time on Saturday evening to set the table carefully so I wasn't rushing on Sunday morning and everything looked lovely, just like your table setting above.
Wishing you a happy day.
God bless
Helen - Uk

Mrs. Mac said...

I have to admit, the title of this post does sound a bit naggy (LOL) .. it helps to still have a youngin' in training each night to give the Mr. the extra nudge to be practicing good manners. I've been appalled seeing our son put his mouth to the edge of his dinner plate to get the last bite of something. I think you can retrain old dogs and teach young ones new (manners) tricks.

Kathryn said...

Well, our "family" is two of us, so when eating at home we are very casual.

You are an inspiration for eating healthily at a good price - i'm afraid we spend a lot of $$$ on our healthy food.

One thing has worked well for us - Duane went gluten free and it changed his taste buds. When before, when asked if something was okay (since i don't eat meat but i cook it for him) the response was an unenthusiastic, "Um, it's okay i guess." That was very discouraging for this non-cook! Now he raves about the food and even eats some veggies (which he all but didn't do before). He says things taste so much better.

Thanks for all you share with us. :)

Wendy said...

Nice work! I have good intentions with the proper table manners, but sometimes, I'm just like - ok kids - you're done eating now leave so I can have a proper conversation with my husband.

I think the good news is that we're all happy to see each other and to converse, but the bad news is, that realy means everyone is constnatly interrupting each other. it makes me tense and angry and that has been my recent focus.

Margie said...

We have good table manners... but mostly we eat while watching TV in the living room. Did you just gasp as you read that? LOL

Kay said...

Gotta love a well-stocked pantry. This Farm-wife knows that too. FreezerS, pantry, homecanning, does make for easy meal planning.

Homemaker Ang said...

love the look!