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Friday, April 05, 2013

Hoppin' Mad

Although I'm not surprised, yesterday's annual trip for my special needs son's physical exam was another robotic action on my part.  While I'm not opposed to being seen for routine wellness exams, I am appalled by typical medical practices.

Upon arriving at the office, I was handed a closed notebook and asked to hand it to my son for him to read and sign (without my viewing/consent).   This ticked me off so I opened the folder in front of the office staff.  It was a form asking the minor child about receiving a vaccine for HPV (a sexually transmitted disease).  I handed it back informing them he could not read OR write his name and they could keep the form.

The nurse wanted to also do a one time screen for high cholesterol with a finger poke.  Again, this was done last year in his blood draw.  Please check your records.

I was asked if I had specific concerns.  YES!  But at every turn my thoughts were shot down because they didn't fall within the AMA's (non-existent) expert studies relating to candida infections.

The biggest 'let down' was when I mentioned that I monitor his diet like a hawk .. providing healthy foods .. (sounds boring ..was muttered under doc's breath).

It seems if you are a parent trying to better the health of your children .. you can get 'shot down' .. for not conforming to the 'rules' ..  I wonder if these people even know or care about GMO foods?  Probably not!

We left with that yearly duty checked off our 'to-do' list .. wondering WHY are we going through the motions?

Sometimes I just want to go underground.

MD = More Drugs

(A few years ago) the pediatric GI wanted him to take Miralax and (GMO corn syrup laden) fruit cocktail to help with regularity and insisted it is harmless.  I decided to take control with a better diet .. but dare I say so?  NO.  It would go against everything taught about prescribing medications that most MD's are taught.

Warning about Miralax
Genetic Roulette .. the movie .. (our kids are not science experiments)

A penny for your thoughts. 


Rebecca said...

I'd be hopping mad, too! But this is the day when they decided to make over the counter morning-after pills available to any age w/o prescription. It is a crazy, dangerous, alarming world out there.

I'm hopping made and sorry that my children have to raise THEIR children in this environment.

Sandy said...

Mrs. Mac,

I'm hoppin mad, where does this doctors office get off trying to get your son to sign something without your consent?

Can you have your son moved to another doctor that will listen to you for his yearly physical?

It was obvious this doctors office didn't want to hear what you had to say. Was all of this crap (tests) the doctors office wanted to do tied to the Obama care?

Felisol said...

Dear Mrs. Mac,
I'm signing up to be your cheerleader.
In ten years they'll give you right. In between Nathan is lucky to live with his mama-hawk.
Candida diets may be strict to follow, but thee sure is much help in making just a few grips. Gunnar and I followed the diet strictly for two years. It was exhausting even for motivated us.
Trust yourself , your knowledge and your instincts.
Hugs from Felisol

Katidids said...

Oh my gosh! I would be so pissed if they asked my minor child to sign a form!! They have no understanding of what they are signing..the long term effects etc..nothing was explained. Good for you!! Sounds like your DR needs to have a rectal rocket to clean his brain out!!

Laurie said...

I applaud you for being such an awesome advocate for your son... for doing the research and doing what you know is best for him.

Sue said...

I'll bet they are "shocked" when someone goes against them. Good for you! I have had it with doctors. They are NOT there to cure a problem. They are there to make money for the Big Pharma.

Tanya Murray said...

I am so dreadfully disappointed and saddened by your experience. As if there is not enough on your plate. Appalled in so many ways. Never doubt yourself and keep doing what you know is best

Kathryn said...

I'm appalled, and angry on your behalf, but not terribly surprised.

I could say a lot on that, but it would be preaching to the choir and not much help. Hugs to you! Keep up the good work.

Jeanne Ireland said...

You must be quite a lady because I would not have kept my mouth shut for a second. I applaud your diligence. As it is with your son, so it is with the elderly who may not be able to fend off the medical industry. It never ends. Kudos ....

Mrs. Mac said...

Thanks for all the comments.

Rebecca .. yes, we are living in 'upside-down' times.

@ Sandy .. I moved my son's care to this doctor because he seemed to give us more of his time and concern; but we are dealing with standard western medical practices (prescribe, prescribe, prescribe) ..

@ Felisol .. I'm fortunate to have a son that is not a finicky eater and enjoys the food I put on his plate.

@ Katiedids .. I've noticed more and more gov't and cdc pressure for medical personnel to conform with conformity. Everything is so tightly controlled.

Laurie .. yes .. it used to be that I'd research and feel defeated after dealing with a doctor; nothing I ever say fits into their views.

@ Sue .. I can't even imagine how many parents would just hand their young child 'the folder' and not question what was inside!

@ Tanya ... yes, will try and keep focused on prevention instead of finding a cure with a drug.

@ Kathryn ... I know you are not shocked or surprised ;)

Jeanne ... thanks for stopping by and giving your thoughts; diligence in staying healthy never ends .. you are so correct.

Ruth Trowbridge said...

You are a fierce warrior, if there weren't women like you there would be nothing worth fight for, you go girl, peace

Star said...

I think you should do what you think best. You obviously have a very good grasp of what your son should be eating and drinking.

Coffee Lady said...

I'll join the club! I would be livid. My firstborn son had special needs - he had a rare form of dwarfism. The doctors were always probing and picking and sticking him when he was a baby. I'm sorry byt after he died prematurely at age 25, they wanted his body and I told them no.

I do regret not donating his organs but at the time I was so upset and I felt they had all basically used him as a gunina pig.

I really had a good dose of the medical profession when I had him. They still bug me.

I'm with you about going underground. :-) God bless you - you're doing a great job!

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

My inclination would be to NOT take him back there again! The 'health experts' are trying to push HPV vaccine here (for both girls and now boys). Good on you for standing up to the bullying 'drug pushers'.
All the best Bridget

donna said...

I've been ridiculed, shot down and told I don't believe in God's provision of good medical care all because I don't see a doctor or dentist on a regular basis. My daughter has faced much of the same because she doesn't immunize or subject her children to the onslaught of well checks and examinations and charts and all of what I consider sub-standard labeling by the medical profession...whew, sorry guess I needed to rant.

BTW, the tooth ache I was discussing the other night has dramatically subsided....and I believe is being healed without the expensive and invasive intervention of dentistry...

hugs to you.

Becky said...

i believe it! one of ken's dietician folks actually told me that it was better for for him to eat some of the non real food because the benefits out weigh the risk! ha! out loud! she didn't find it too funny when i picked apart EVERYTHING she wanted him to eat. so far, on my plan-he's faired well and feeling much better! wow! real food!!!!

Jada's Gigi said...

The candida diet is a killer! but Tim did it for YEARS! He still rarely eats sugar at all...

Mrs. Mac said...

Yes .. the candida diet is tough .. but .. we have significantly cut down on the foods that feed it .. and it's helped. Nathan actually likes what he's eating .. and he's OK without sweets. The difficult part is that he's a teenager and teens have big appetites.

Margie said...

When Phyllis was younger, the Dr wanted her to get that HPV vaccination... i said she didn't need it... the doctor told me I was naive! Are you kidding me???

I was so annoyed!

I just ordered organic flour today... we are getting the junk out of our house... a little at a time!

Lynn said...

Mrs. Mac, good for you. I'd be disgusted too. I'm afraid that medical procedures, drugs, and testing will become manditory as Obamacare forces people into more compliance. Going underground is coming with manditory medical products being forced on us all. Schools already force compliance through vaccinations. Wait til the insurance companies/Obamacare do it. No compliance, no treatments.

Country Life said...

I still think it should be required in the medical field to take classes in understanding and compassion for their fellow man. Instead its a three minute visit if your lucky and take this medicine. Also if have any more problems or if this does not take care of it then make another appointment and we will try another option. Thanks for the information on candida I have a lot of reading to do! I think this will benefit my little one over much. Have a great day