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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Off Grid Cooking

Hubby and I have got several options for off grid cooking should we lose our power, or just want to conserve energy.

Our kitchen range is duel fuel; electric oven and gas stove top.  With a lighter or a match, we can use the stove to cook on even without electricity.

We've managed a few heat and eat dinners last winter on our wood heat stove .. and I came across this book that even has methods and recipes for such cooking.

American Wood Heat Cookery

We have a two burner high BTU propane stove top for canning and cooking outside.

Our fire pit is equipped with a Grandpa Jake's Campfire Cooker that can be used for hanging kettles and cast iron skillets.

Last but not least our cast iron Dutch oven to use with charcoal or wood coals outside.  This can be used to bake bread and roast meats.

It's good to be prepared for all seasons with alternative cooking devices that don't require electricity.

And if you're really, really wanting to try slow cooking that mimics an electric crock pot .. you could try a hot hay box and get the same results.

Do you have a means to prepare meals without electricity .. other than a BBQ grill?


Sue said...

I sure wish we were as prepared as you! It's something we really have to work on. All we have now is a back-up generator to power things....but we shouldn't rely just on that.

Dani said...

You're all sorted, Mrs Mac - well done :)

Sandy said...

Mrs. Mac,

We do have several means of cooking without using any electric or our grill.

We have a portable gas camping stove similar to yours. A fire pit, and a rocket wood stove hand made by our son. It cooks only by using wood.

Rebecca said...

I'm afraid I don't have a back up plan! Thanks for bringing it up. You sure have several alternatives ready to go. I admire that!

Mrs. Mac said...

Sandy .. that rocket wood stove is a great resource and is on our 'list' .. was it easy to make?

Dani .. you are the queen of off grid cooking .. with solar oven and all!.

Rebecca and Sue .. it's when we don't have the luxury (of electricity) that we think a bout preparation. Our home is wired for a generator .. and yet, we don't have one (LOL).

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi Mrs Mac
I really like your set up for the canning, and your Dutch oven, great ideas.
We have a gas hob (stove top) and just a wee electric oven in our little cabin. We also use the BBQ lots through our very mild Winters as well as Summer.
When we finally build our house we intend to have a wood fire with a cook top. I would love an outside kitchen for wok frying too (dreams are free!)

HappyBodyHappyLife Tonya Bonin said...

You have such motivating posts. Time to get thinking about a back up plan :)

Dorothy Adamek said...

We love cooking outside on the bbq. But we need a full gas bottle to make that happen. :)

That bread looks mouthwatering. :)

Wendy said...