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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Mid-phase Verdict on ...

... gut healing.

Update on Nathan:

Except for a few times he's binge fed himself (behind closed doors .. to my horror), Nathan has made great strides with his tailor made diet.  Since mid summer we've fine tuned his intake and eliminated milk, reduced starch intake by 90%, upping his protein and vegetable consumption, adding daily cups of rich bone stock.  His eczema is gone and the seborrhea dermatitis on his scalp is 80% reduced.

On occasion he is allowed to eat starchy food (toast, pretzels, etc) and the eczema does not flare up. Even the occasional binge eating episodes have not triggered the rashes.

It is our hope to keep him on this modified diet for another six months or longer and to 'test the waters' every now and again to check for gut lining healing.

I have concluded that for years on end his gut has leaked toxins into his blood due to a permeable digestive tract.  This explains why with healing his white blood count has remained in the bottom end of normal the past year instead of to the point of needing to be tested for leukemia.  Health is gaining a foothold where once he had little fortitude and a poor immune system.


Laurie said...

That sounds like wonderful progress. Nathan is lucky to have a Mom that thinks outside the box of conventional wisdom. I hope he continues to get stronger and healthier with time.

Sue said...

I'm so happy to hear things are improving.
I learned first-hand how much diet affects our well-being and am always happy to read of others' successes with a modified diet.
I don't think most people realize just how "cruddy" they feel from a poor diet until it their body REALLY flares up.
You're obviously doing a great job.

Sandy said...

Mrs. Mac,

How wonderful to hear Nathan is doing so much better with staying on this diet. It proves you're a product of what you eat. I have issues with milk myself. I try to use Almond milk in it's place.

Anonymous said...

Barbara Therextras here.

I have no doubt the diet adjustments have had the desired effects on his health. I just think the physiology-explanation has a few holes in it (leaks). Just saying.

Hope you received my message by USPS. Loved receiving yours.

Mrs. Mac said...

Anonymous .. could be .. or perhaps having the ultimate 'leak' at birth with a ruptured colon and subsequent surgeries to repair bowel disease (Hirschsprungs) left him compromised. I, too, enjoyed your letter .. you've been on the 'move' .. blessings to your new year.