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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Getting things in high gear: This morning I stopped in to see what was going on in the finish production of our home. The painters were patching and sanding and prepping the interior trim molding prior to painting this week. The contractor was making the final decisions (with my help) on the design of the banister rail and newel post placement. Mr. Alarm guy was there finishing up the alarm system (and I thought he was done weeks ago). Mr. Cabinet guy was there inspecting the bead board interior of a kitchen cabinet that was replaced with the correct finish ... and adding the wooden shelves that have cutouts for future inset glass in said cabinet. I was informed that the granite people would be replacing the kitchen sink & counter top since it was a breach in their own policy that caused the wrong sink to be installed in the first place. DH was not pleased with the oversight nor was the contractor. It really was a pathetic sink as one side was not even big enough for more than a few cups and small saucers to rest inside of it. I have a similar sink in our rental and have had glass bowls and pots actually get quite stuck and this sink is even smaller. So I consented to having it replaced after saying I'd live with it. Hey, when you're paying this kind of money and someone else messes up like that, they should make it right, right?? Our master bathroom floor is installed and the shower is 3/4's tiled. With only three weeks until our agreed upon move-in date, things are happening fast.

Photos: Sink in question, tile in M/B shower, hickory floor, granite counter in M/bath


Pat said...

Have you got your furniture all arranged in your mind yet?
I think DH should be very proud of the great job you've done over-seeing such a huge project. He must have 110% faith in your abilities!
I'm happy to hear they are taking care of the sink snafuu. It's those little things that can be an on-going irritation.
You'll get in just in time for Spring - new beginnings for the entire family!

Mrs. Mac said...

My biggest concern has been the furniture placement in the great room. So I made a copy of the room's floor plan and "made" to scale paper furniture pieces to move around ... so now I know where to place the bigger pieces.

Pat said...

That scale size furniture is the way to do it. It never fails that I buy more or bigger furniture then I can really use!
I have done better furnishing my cabin because I always keep it's smaller size in the back of my mind, but the main house - I always buy too big!

Mrs. Mac said...

I hear ya on the "too big/or too much" furniture. While shopping for couches in January, I had a hard time finding anything that wasn't mega sized or very overstuffed. One furniture store employee said (after I complained that her store didn't have smaller scaled items) "I guess not everyone has huge rooms and we should have more variety."

Saija said...

things are really moving along!