“Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat. In our mad rush for progress and modern improvements let's be sure we take along with us all the old-fashioned things worth while.” Laura Ingalls Wilder

Thursday, July 09, 2009

What's being harvested this week in the garden?

I got so excited today to pick some rhubarb! I planted it only this spring and was directed that it needs to wait until the second year before harvesting a few stalks ... but one of the three plants had some gigantic stalks that were just aching to be made into a pie. There are still plenty of small and medium size pieces left (at least 40 between the three plants) to carry it over until next years production.

Our sugar peas are being picked each morning. I have enough for the freezer every few days ... and some for the evening dinner table. My walla-walla onions are so plentiful that a few were picked (undersized) to go with the peas for our meal.

The lettuce is producing well with several different varieties. Our turnips are thinning out, but newly planted seeds are already sprouting. Radish and green onions as well as spinach have made delicious salad ingredients too.

Herbs including thyme, basil, rosemary, cilantro, and tarragon have regular appearances in the nightly fare.

We have had no slug problems around the veggies that had ground up egg shells sprinkled on the soil. And relatively few bugs on the lettuce.

What have you been harvesting?


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Star said...

Rhubarb, just like you. Here in London, it is a good year for rhubarb and I have had some big stalks too. Last Sunday, I cooked a rhubarb crumble and sweetened it with honey, for a change. It was delicious. We have runner beans and blackberries coming along, oh and potatoes.
Blessings, Star

Letters From Midlife said...

I love rhubarb pie! I'm not a gardener but you inspire me. I love the idea of canning and freezing but just don't enjoy the gardening part. But, living in amish country, there are plenty of places to get fresh produce.

Pat said...

I too planted rhubarb this spring and it's looking very awesome!
We've had several salads with the two kinds of lettuce and the green onions and plentiful. It looks like my green beans are close to being ready to pick, they are thriving! No cukes or zucks yet, but they have little ones forming that will soon be ready. Tomatoes look great, but have a way to go yet. I love it all!

LynnS said...

You are eating in style now! What a wonderful bounty already!

We have now picked 2 Roma tomatoes. I'm so excited, even though it's just the beginning! :-)