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Friday, July 03, 2009


Where Does Your Money Go/Grow?

One of my favorite blogs, Down To Earth, is promoting a "No Spend Week", in which hubby and I are going to participate. Since yesterday was our once a month big grocery shopping trip, we're off to a good start to begin this endeavor tomorrow. What is a no spend week? Silly, it means you don't spend any money for a whole week! Why would anyone not want to spend money for a whole week? To drive home how much money a person/family can spend unconsciously/deliberately without much planning. The current economic situation has been partly a result of reckless spending. As Cindy at "Letters From Midlife" finds a cure for 'stuff-itis' (the awful habit of collecting too much STUFF), have you given much thought to your spending habits on stuff? (I have been weeding out closets for the past few years and donating stuff to local charities, or helping my adult children have needed items as they leave home). I think most families can (out of necessity) trim their spending habits and get themselves out of debt. Bad habits are easy to pick up and hard to break. Are you up to the challenge of a no spend week? Would you be willing to divvy up your money each payday and use an 'envelope system' to help develop good spending habits. Remember, sometimes less is more. We used this system years ago when our children were young. It was a great tool to teach them how delaying the purchase of an item and waiting until you had enough money saved is necessary to stay out of debt.


Letters From Midlife said...

I think I will join in this challenge. As hard as the recession has been, I see the silver lining in serving as a wake-up call to all of us to live within our means, work to get out of debt and stay out, live frugally (which means buying the best quality one can for the money, but only what one really needs).

I don't know if you got my email about writing letters. For some reason Google is making it an issue with MSN and I keep getting a message saying it is undeliverable. I'll try again with another email address and see if that works.

LynnS said...

This will be fun and I think we will all meet new friends and learn.

I also believe that less is more. If we remember that "stuff" is also referred to as "trappings", we have the word as a reminder of what "stuff" is really all about.

Years ago, my mother asked me a question that pretty much defined my character: "If today was your last day on Earth, how would you spend your day?" Without hesitation, I said that I would choose to walk into the woods with my family, sit and enjoy the day.

Rhonda Jean said...

Hi Mrs Mac. It's good to see your hubby is on board too. Good luck with your no spend week.
Rhonda Jean

Mrs. Mac said...

Here it is midweek. I broke down today and spent $4.00 on a breakfast for Nathan. He had a very early dentist appointment ... and then off to camp ... which left no time for breakfast at home. Anyone knowing Nathan .. knows that getting to the dentist is quite a challenge! A drive through McD's was necessary to get him 'through' the dentist's appointment. :) This purchase and a fill up of gas for DH and myself has been it so far. I have really tried to think about our spending habits/needs this week. If you're taking the challenge, how are you doing?

DarcyLee said...

Hi, Mrs. Mac,

The first time I was here I only had time to take a quick glance at your blog and become a follower because I knew I wanted to read more of what you had to say. I found you through Rhonda Jean's site at down-to-earth-I really love her blog. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love learning about new ways to save money and living more simply. I'll be back, often.