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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

DIY Spice Cabinet

Update:  This post is featured at Down To Earth ... For more kitchen sink photos, visit here.

Here is a DIY project I undertook while we were building our home.  Some years ago I had purchased a (formerly built-in) ironing board cabinet.  After carefully stripping off the old paint (careful because the cabinet was very old ... and with the concern of there being some layers of lead based paint .. took no chances) and gutting the inner workings, I painted the unfinished inside .. and stripped down outside .. then sealed it with a waterproof satin clear coat.  Added new 'vintage' hardware, flipped the cabinet upside down .. installed a piece of glass where previously there had been a metal vent plate ... added glass shelves .. and had our builder  ... install it flush inside a kitchen wall.  The new 're-purposed' cabinet is perfect to keep spices cool and away from the heat of the stove.  It also holds both large and small containers of spices.  Even with all of this space, our overflow is stored in small 1/2 cup jelly jars in the pantry  .. a gal can never have enough spices ... or shoes;)


FlowerLady said...

I love this. You did a great job and like you, I can't have enough spices and herbs.


Pat said...

There never seems to be enough room for spices! I have two double decker lazy susan's and it's still not enough.
This looks great and serves the purpose very well. I think I'd also like to have a built in ironing board!

Ruralrose said...

Very clever . . . but where do you do the ironing (lol, cause i never iron) peace

Felisol said...

You are so clever and so thorough in everything you do.
The cabinet is perfect for storing spices, bottles and tin boxes.
I have mine in three different places, two cupboards and two shelves.
Because they are so deep, I never know what I have in store, and can hardly find it when I need to.
I have no place for this perfect storing cupboard, but I clearly see, I have to think of something.

Two weeks ago I got a storing closet for vacuum-cleaner, buckets, soaps,clothes and five mops, plus an ironing board.
My happiness cannot be expressed in words.
I like order in the household ranks.
From Felisol

Kathryn said...

I love this! How creative. :)

Isn't wonderful each time you open the cabinet to know you thought it up & executed it? :)

Margie said...

I want one!!!!!!! I can think of the perfect spot in my house!

Roasted Garlicious said...

i too, love your cabinet!!! as for the broth... nope, can't ever get enough of it!! when my children cook chicken or turkey, i take their carcasses and make stock, can it, then it's on the shelf any time i need it... i for one am 'intolerant' to some of the additives they put in the commercial brands... i will forever be indebted to my mother's resourcefulness in teaching me to can and be frugal :D

LynnS said...

I love your cabinet! Not only is it so totally functional and installed well, but you recycled a vintage piece for yourself. (And I also might add for a much better end result. Ironing?? Huh???)

Actually, in my folks' 1900 home, we had an ironing board cabinet in our kitchen. The board was still there when we moved in and that's where I learned to iron. The board was wood, so was the brace.

Anonymous said...

super neat idea - loved seeing you over at Down To Earth :)

Michelle said...

I have a spice cabinet that was once an ironing board cabinet, but mine isn't nearly as cute!