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Monday, April 26, 2010

End Of The Month Round Up

Yes, $350 +$20 from fire fighter son has been a tight squeeze for food funds.  We have four days to go until PAYDAY ...  You can bet I already have my shopping list ready and waiting!  Hubby was looking for   crackers today ... sorry ... you have to WAIT until shopping day (I haven't bought crackers for months because most are filled with JUNK).  I offered him some carrot sticks and a chunk of cheese ... saying dinner is in 45 minutes ;)  (He survived)  Our freezer food is being used up ... and fast.  If my planning is good, we have just enough frozen berries, freezer jam, and hopefully beef to last until summer when I restock for the year.  Tonight I made venison meatloaf (no one asked about the 'mystery' meat), steamed carrots, and potato salad.  The ten pounds of organic carrots earlier this month was a good buy.  They come in handy for snacks ... and as a side dish. The hardest part of making all of our food is not running out of bread.  I have to stay on top of this .. which is not always easy; one day soon I'll stock the freezer with a few extra loaves.  I have $2 and some spare change from this month's budget, Yippee!  Proposed meals from what we have on hand this week:

  • dinner omelets with biscuits and jam
  • turkey noodle soup with a green salad
  • buffalo stew
  • tacos with refried beans
  • egg salad sandwiches
  • veggie sticks with grilled cheese sandwiches
  • leftover soup with veggie sticks
  • taco salad (from leftover dinner tacos)
  • buttermilk pancakes
  • oatmeal
  • blueberry muffins with smoothies
  • eggs & toast


Morgan said...

Well done! Planning and lists make a lot of difference in challenges like this.

FlowerLady said...

You are an inspiration Mrs. Mac. I think you are doing fantastic.


Cindy (Letters From Midlife) said...

I'm inspired too. Currently I have about $50 left for fresh veggies, fruit and milk for the next two weeks until I again do my once a month shopping for the main groceries.


I believe you have this stitched up. Congratulations.