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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Bare Bones Pantry

I'm finding more and more products I use occasionally, triggering hives, that will not be replaced with commercially produced items.  After ripping my pantry and fridge apart looking for the culprits, I've noticed the words 'natural flavorings' on just about every thing getting tossed out.  It's even in plain old yellow mustard.  How can that be?  Why does our society insist ... or put up with being fed ... laboratory flavors in almost every product?  My trash list today includes:  organic ketchup, basic prepared yellow mustard, season salts, canned tuna, and mayo.  Natural or not ... if it's not found in the product in a natural God given state ... so long.  Today's hives were triggered by Johnny's Seasoning Salt ... it has quite a few triggers such as soy, malto-dextrin, and cellulose gel (I actually knew better but slipped by using this product).  My word ... I should have been wearing my bi-focals years ago!

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Could you just prepare mustard as needed with powdered mustard and oil? I can't stand the stuff; but that's what my husband does.

Star said...

I do so agree with you. I have had a campaign on yoghurt this last week. I will not buy yoghurt with sugar already in it! I like to choose how much sugar I put in things and I refuse to eat what other people think I want. After trekking round loads of places, I finally found some Greek yoghurt in Freshmarket, with only a fraction of the sugar in all the other brands. I bought some and I also bought a thermos flask (that's another story) to make my own yoghurt. When I do sweeten my yoghurt, I use honey, which tastes nice and is natural and much better for me, I hope. I am getting more and more irritated by the manufacturers thinking they know what I want!!! rant over.
Blessings, Star

Mrs. Mac said...

That is a good idea Mabelline .. making mustard ..

And Star .. a good rant .. now you let me know how the yogurt making (in the thermos) goes .. please. Last month I bought a Yogurmet yogurt maker ... it does a good job but I hated forking over the money for it. But .. it does come in handy the way I've adapted it to make buttermilk and kefir. I add a small amount of homemade freezer jam and make little yogurt parfaits .. complete with a little diced apple and chopped pecans ... so delish .. the tangy yogurt with a little sweetness .. not all mixed together.

Pat said...

Can you eat in a restaurant without getting hives?
I do not like yogurt with or without pecans or anything else. I know how good it is for you...just don't like it. I wish I did.

Mrs. Mac said...

Pat ... if I eat out . . . it means having to take an allergy relief pill for a few days. Don't worry.. when the Scarf Sister's come to town for the reunion ... I'll have a whole box of Claritin on hand;)

Pat said...

Stock up sista...we're eating out!

LynnS said...

Mrs. Mac, I'm glad you're eating smarter and paying attention to food additives. There isn't one good thing to say about that junk!