“Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat. In our mad rush for progress and modern improvements let's be sure we take along with us all the old-fashioned things worth while.” Laura Ingalls Wilder

Monday, November 01, 2010

An Awakening

Nearing the end of gardening season.

Storing (drying) food for winter's use.
... is slowly taking place in the western world.  Perhaps from shoddy goods, a desire for better health, knowledge of big ag's poisonous onslaught, enlightenment of how our food is produced, a desire for REAL FOOD, these and many more reasons (economic) people are sharpening their gardening 'tools' and rethinking how to live a better life.  A life apart from the entanglement of BIG BOX companies that produce FAKE FOOD.  Food that robs the very life from a person's health at the cost of the all mighty buck.  Well .. the buck stops here with my family.  We need to educate and nurture our loved ones back into the 'fold' with good food .. not just served up at the table on a Sunday afternoon .. but how to make better choices when eating and living each day .. even in this fast paced, out of control work system many of us are in.  Standing together, we CAN knit our families a better future; are you game?


Kathryn said...

Yes, oh yes! Tho i have to admit i've been working on this for a while now & am frustrated with it. I am committed, if only i could find a way where it actually works.

Ruralrose said...

Very fierce Mrs. Mac! It does indeed seem your country is reaching critical mass. With fine women like you leading the way this is a good thing. Peace

Mrs. Mac said...

Ruralrose .. Aaah .. sorry for coming off so 'fierce' .. On shopping day or if I visit a Big Box store, it tends to make my 'blood boil' seeing all of the junk for sale :)

Kathryn .. I know you have some limitations and are up on nutrition. It is a mine field filtering out the good and bad of cooking and living. Our society has TOO much to offer .. and much of it not too good; a person can only do what they can do :)

LynnS said...

I share your passion about good quality foods and since I've always cooked most things from scratch, people at my old job used to tease me for being so much of a "puritan" about my beliefs. Now it's the rage. Go figure!

Thankfully more people are waking up to the chemical-fest in fast foods and instant meals. I'm so glad my sons were raised with home cooked foods because they were used to it, learned to cook and each of them do the family cooking now. I'm happy to see how young mothers are spending more time in their kitchens and are paying closer attention to foods they make and serve because it really will pay off in the future!

So glad to know that your budget has really worked out well this year and that you have re-established your food priorities. Right now, I am watching some foods escalate in price (butter and coffee are two recent ones). It may be that I will stop buying coffee just on principle. Butter, though....geez, I couldn't live without butter.....lol

Ruralrose said...

i think fierce is the appropriate response, no apologies necessary, peace