“Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat. In our mad rush for progress and modern improvements let's be sure we take along with us all the old-fashioned things worth while.” Laura Ingalls Wilder

Monday, November 15, 2010

Call It A Wrap

A nice drape of snow will look lovely over the barren garden #1
Garden #2 mulched and tucked away for winter
With our unseasonably warm autumn weather, I have been able to tuck away the gardens for their winter nap of rejuvenation at a slower pace.  The Spanish roja garlic has been planted and mulched, Swiss chard and spinach are growing under cover, and a few broccoli plants with side shoots were left in place.

garden sink back splash .. nearly completed
Our garden sink project is nearly done .. just waiting for some grout around the tiles .. hopefully to be finished in the next day or so.

Compost from the bottom of the bin has been removed to make more room for winter use at the top opening.

Strawberry beds have been thinned and heavily mulched.  I hope these June bearing plants do better next year .. in the spring they will get transplanted outside the fenced garden space and draped with deer netting .. they are prolific and take up so much room.  The wild strawberries seem to be undisturbed by the deer .. let's hope these will do the same.  A patch of ever-bearing berries will be added in the spring.

Now it's off to the library to check out some gardening books for my winter reading, and hit the knitting needles, and soap making supplies, and, and, and ... endless possibilities with the garden under wraps.  What will you do with your free time this winter?
compost bin emptied a bit ... black gold
straw over the berry plants


LynnS said...

Good for you!! Look at all the nice garden areas, tidy, tucked in, and resting until next year. Congrats -- you have just liberated yourself to some well-deserved free time. I'll be making soaps, weaving some baskets, making candles, dyeing fabrics, quilting, spinning, and some weaving. Now I have to figure out how to fit all of this into 24 hours a day!! (I honestly don't know how I ever found the time to work a job!)

Your backspash is really pretty! Where is your sink going, against the wall of a shed or the house?

Rebecca said...

I can't wait to see that garden sink when finished! What a beautiful put-way done before our vacation. We got home to see that the moles had been super busy. I'm getting VERY discouraged about them...

It was interesting to see how you've spent the last days of autumn readying your gardens for winter!

Lynda said...

What a beautiful garden sink area! I have a cut in half green garden hose and orange bucket! You are such a lucky lady!

Mrs. Mac said...

My garden sink is an inexpensive free standing laundry tub ( set on bricks covered over with crushed granite .. for drainage and stability) .. it's attached to a 4x4 post that is sunk in the ground .. the post and back splash frame are re-purposed from a contractor sign left over from when we built our home .. tile is left over from the master bathroom and kitchen .. and the cute green inset tile is locally handmade featuring moose. Our water supply is connected to a garden hose with it's own spigot .. some day I'll get a pvc pipe hooked up.

Ruralrose said...

Hi there - thought I would answer here. Grapes are really a no brainer crop. They need full sun, and little to no fertilizer each season. They do not need to be pruned, although I do cut them back as they are picked. The trick with grapes is finding the right variety for the length of summer you have. There are 9 varieties here and 1 never ripens fully. I am in zone 6. They really do grow and live as easily as trees. My green seedless grapes are called Himrod. I did find this link, but will post more to my blog this winter for you. I take hardwood cuttings in the winter and end up with many, many starts, too bad I can't send them over the border. Today I use my new juicer for the first time to do my concord juice. You sure do have a lovely place. Blesses never cease . . . peace

Mr. H. said...

I almost had my hands on a whole load of "free" straw off of Craig's list but it was gone before we called. I would have loved to of had some for our garden. I love your sink back splash!

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Your back splash looks nice, and your gardens look resigned to winter's coming.

I am hoping to get rid of some clutter this winter so I can spend more time outside in the summer without the weight of messes in the house.