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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

An Unintended 'Sweet' Treat

under developed walla-walla onions
Our walla-walla onions were planted directly in the soil from seeds this year and never developed bulbs.  Not wanting to just waste the large green onions that grew, I sliced and diced the tops and dried them in my dehydrator (oven).  They came out crispy, bright green, and have the characteristic sweetness familiar to their famed  name-sake bulb onions.  This treat will make a good topper on baked potatoes this winter; I'm thankful the frost didn't take them :)


LynnS said...

I have never direct-seeded onions before. Yours look fantastic.

We have a couple dozen onions growing now -- I thought I pulled them all but missed those that died back from the drought. lol

Lynda said...

My husband is a commercial onion seed grower and it can take longer than a year to get a nice bulb onion from seed...it's a process...from seed to a skinny spring onion, bulbette to a nice big onion then back to seed! AND the darn things are long and short day sensitive...he's always shocked when mine do well!

Mrs. Mac said...

Hi Lynda ... Last year I planted Spanish onions from seeds (in our short growing season) and got some medium sized bulbs. Usually, I plant from seed sets and skinny spring onions. You just never know what the weather will produce.