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Friday, November 26, 2010

Week In Review

Thanksgiving meal 2010

Challah bread for Thanksgiving

backyard winter wonderland

turkey hot out of the oven

Jacob ready for a sled ride

Grandson Jacob  studying the Christmas ads
This past week brought crazy cold weather to the North Woods of Idaho.  We had a few days with sub-zero temps.  A few days where the nights were warmer than the days.  Snow and blizzard conditions as well.  I have not ventured outside much .. other than to drop off or pick up someone in town.  No Black Friday shopping for me; sleep is better medicine than rushing around in the middle of the night en mass looking for a bargain.  A meal of scrumptious turkey, ham, taters 'n gravy with cranberries and green beans will be on the menu tonight.  Turkey stock is simmering on the stove to freeze for soups. 

During the quiet moments of the week, I've been sewing a night gown similar to the one in the photo; just have to do the arms and buttons.  It's been a while since I've sewn clothing .. and with my near sighted vision not being what it used to be .. it was rather tedious.  Sewing skills are on the decline .. but I think it's a skill worth practicing.  The knitting needles have seen little rest as dish clothes are flying off at the speed of light ;) 

nightgown pattern I'm working on
What's going on in your neck of the woods?


meemsnyc said...

That Challah bread looks amazing. Did you make it?

Maria Stahl said...

Mmmmm, challah!

Mrs. Mac said...

meemsnyc ... yes, homemade challah bread .. it's easy .. you just have to remember how to braid. It's so yummy with a pinch of saffron for flavor.

Out Back said...

Glad to hear you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and look it even snowed for you brrrr!

The night gown you are making looks very pretty Mrs. Mac.

FlowerLady said...

Your challah bread looks delicious. I've never made it. Would you share your recipe?

I wouldn't want to be in your freezing weather, but wish it was a bit cooler here. It's still in the low 80's and humid. We are so ready for cooler temps.

Glad you had a lovely Thanksgiving with your family.

Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

Mr. H. said...

It sounds like you all had a terrific Thanksgiving. That challah bread really does look good....nice turkey.:)

Pat said...

Looks like a wonderful love filled Thanksgiving at the Mac's Mangy Moose!
No snow here yet, but that could change any minute.
I love Challah, haven't made it in ages, but I love it toasted for breakfast!

Wendy said...

looks like an absolutely idyllic Thanksgiving! THat nightgown will be gorgeous. The pattern looks classic and perfect.