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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Taking Stock of Emergency Supplies

backyard snow piling up
Yesterday 'snowmeggadon' descended upon our our little hide-a-way (home) with a vengeance.   There was barely 1/4 inch of snow when I woke up at 6:30 AM .. and by noon we had over a foot of snow.  Ideally, one should plow the driveway well before a foot of snow accumulates.  The snow blower's directions say six inches is tops.  Ooops .. By waiting, it made the job twice as hard.  Keeping up and even plowing twice would be easier than what transpired.

At one point the electricity went out so emergency supplies were piled on the kitchen counter before we lost the last bit of sun coming through the windows.  Candles, oil lamps, matches, battery radio, deck of cards, etc.  I instructed EVERYONE not to open the refrigerator or freezer.

Plans were in the works for dinner pulled from our basement's storeroom.  We keep canned foods such as Alaskan salmon, green beans, tomato sauces, grains, pastas, etc.  In emergencies, we can heat with a gas heating stove .. and our oven has a gas cook top that can be lit with a match for cooking when the power is out.  This was not the first loss of power this week .... and before dinner, it was restored, bringing a happy sigh of relief.

gas (heater) stove
Each time there is an emergency, we take notes about what extra we should have on hand.  Our home is wired for the use of a generator for longer power outages ... and this summer we will finally buy one before we REALLY, REALLY need it.

It's snowing again ... you can bet I'll keep a better eye on the depth so hubby can wake up and plow ;)


Morgan said...

Guess the snow has come your side of the Atlantic now that we are enjoying some Spring-like weather! Hitting February highs here this week, so I feel for you, after all the snow we had here earlier in the month. You sound very well prepared, so I am sure you will weather the storms! Keep us up to date when you can...

Sue said...

Why oh why does that snow always wait until we're tired of winter to show up.
That fire does look inviting!

Mr. H. said...

That snow storm surprised us as well...there will be lots of broken limbs to clean up this spring.

Ruth Trowbridge said...

we had that snow too! 8 inches in 4 hours! it is good to practice, you are doing such a admirable job - peace

Wendy said...

beautiful though!!