“Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat. In our mad rush for progress and modern improvements let's be sure we take along with us all the old-fashioned things worth while.” Laura Ingalls Wilder

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Week In Review ... It's A Wrap

1.  Stock of the week ... Beef:  Slow simmered using 5 lbs of marrow rich bones and 3 lbs of meaty neck bones = 5 quarts of rich, gelatinous goodness.  Meal #1 ~ meat used for shredded beef in homemade enchiladas.  Homemade sauce included beef stock.  Green salad with homemade buttermilk dressing .. and chocolate mousse for dessert.   

2.  Wheat was sprouted, dried .. and is ready for grinding to make bread.  Supposed to be easier to digest if sprouted and/or soaked before baking.  Attended a 'webinar' detailing the benefits of sprouting grains.

3.  Yogurt made for fruit parfaits.

4.  Ordered our yearly purchase of local/pastured meat:  Chicken, turkey, pork and beef.

5.  Date day with hubby ~ International auto show (new cars).  No .. we didn't buy, we just like to see what's on the market.  Not having a car payment is our incentive to keep ours in good repair.

6.  Hubby is making a conscious effort to cut back on sugar.  I try not to nag ;)  He's now drinking filtered water that has been infused with slices of fresh fruit.  One baby step at a time is good.

7.  This should be first on the list ~ my little granddaughter is doing well.  She's 9 lbs - 4 ounces.  Her congenital heart defect is stable ... it's such a joy to cuddle with her.

8.  And second should have been a mention that my son, Nathan, has a 4.0 GPA.  He's my hero with the extra chromosome.


Sue said...

Great Job, Nathan!! And your granddaughter is a real cutey! Life is good!!

Mr. H. said...

A very big congratulations to Nathan and your granddaughter is absolutely adorable, glad to hear she is doing well.

Lynda said...

You've had a WONDERFUL week! Your granddaughter has a great head of hair!!! So glad she's doing so well. AND Nathan's GPA...Whoot! Whoot! Yes, you've certainly had a perfect week!

Rebecca said...

Such encouraging reports about the precious people in your life!

Wow, Nathan. That's great.

And what a sweetie, that little granddaughter. Her eyes are so beautiful. May God continue to protect her life and bring her health.

You've inspired me to work at the "stock" thing. I admit to being a rather lazy cook. I think I'm not a good one, but when I take the time to plan, I DO find some pleasure in it...Thank for the impetus!

Sandy said...

Big congratulations to Mr. Nathan!! Way to go! You have every reason to be proud and thankful. Also glad your absolutely beautiful granddaughter is doing well. I come into agreement with Rebecca's prayer for her. And those eyes!!! Amazing! Your beef stock sounds super nutritious. I am off this week to the new Nose to Tail Butcher shop to get my bones for broth. Broth is beautiful!

Laurie said...

Way to go, Nathan! And so glad your little grandaughter is doing well. What a sweetheart.

Felisol said...

Nathan rules! How he strong, good looking and full of self confidence.Your granddaughter has the most beautiful eyes I ever saw. I so happy for the good news.

Buying new car is the lousiest investment under the sun. It has always been my point of view. I never forget some friends selling their small hut by the sea to buy a new car. The car is gone long, long time ago. the hut has more than quadrupled its value.

Mrs. Mac said...

I have to give thanks to God for all the goodness .. and to a local organization that specializes in training people with disabilities to be more independent. Tonight Nathan was drying dishes after dinner .. he used to want to stay in his room all the time .. not even to come out for dinner. Now he eats with a full dining room full of people .. and is not such a recluse. His whole foods diet has helped heal his poor little gut (that ruptured at birth) .. he's growing strong and his body and mind are working 100 fold from just a year ago.

Dani said...

Well done, Nathan :)

And as for that granddaughter pf yours - she is very pretty, and one wise little soul - it shines through her eyes. So glad she's doing well.

Ruth Trowbridge said...

Awesome Mrs. Mac and Nathan, you are inspirations to us all! Peace

Morgan said...

Congratulations for Nathan's score, and so happy for your news about your beautiful granddaughter - she is adorable!