“Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat. In our mad rush for progress and modern improvements let's be sure we take along with us all the old-fashioned things worth while.” Laura Ingalls Wilder

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Week Two

a blank slate to start the 2012 garden
Himrod grape vine
hardy rhubarb
... in the garden.

in ground garden
I wish I had taken a few pics of the garden last week.  It was strewn with straw bedding, pine needles, and much debris that had blown in with the winter storms.

We topped off the raised beds with a fresh blend of compost mixed with sand .. and gave the walkways a fresh layer of fine bark that smells heavenly.  Our older (in ground) garden is half way prepped.  The raspberry vines are pruned, rhubarb is greening up and the garlic is starting to poke through the soil.  I can't believe the voles ate most of the horseradish I planted last year.  I guess I'll have to devise a wire cage around what root is left.  Can you believe the heat from this root doesn't just ward off the little pests???  A grape vine has been planted.  I hope the site gets enough sun and does well.  One of three hoop covered beds was also installed.  What's up and going/growing in your garden?


Sue said...

The garlic and chivs are the only thing growing---nights are still in the low 20's.
I just LOVE how tidy your garden is. Beautiful!

Sandy said...

Mrs. Mac

I love the size of your garden area with all the boxes. What are you planning on planting in your boxes this year? Yes i agree, fencing in the area should help and keep the critters away.

Maria Stahl said...

Wow. Really? They eat HORSERADISH ROOT? They're tougher little buggers than I thought!

My horseradish is starting its second year. I started mine in a 55-gallon plastic barrel with the top cut off and drain holes drilled in the bottom. I was told about this method by somebody who didn't want her horseradish to escape and take over the garden, which it likes to do. To harvest, you tip the whole barrel over, and the horseradish root will be all coiled up in the bottom of the barrel. Cut off all but a few inches to get it going again the next year and re-barrel it and you're ready to go. That's the theory, anyway.

Mr. H. said...

Looking good.

We planted that same grape variety last year and it seems to be doing well.

Too bad about your horseradish, those darn voles will eat just about anything it seems. If you ever need another start just let us know.

Mrs. Mac said...

Sue .. OK .. I wont' complain too much being in zone 5 .. seeing that you are in zone 4 and still in the 20's. Still no comments allowed on your blog .. so I'll say .. thanks for stopping by. I hope your cold frame is working that I saw in your last post.

Sandy ~ we have lots of garden pests (including human kind if you ask the animals since they were here first;)
The voles are tunneling rodents like field mice that pull plants under or munch through roots. Deer and moose seem to stay out of the fenced areas. I'll do a post soon on what we're planting.

@ Maria ~ I was thinking about putting the horseradish in half of a wooden barrel. Really .. a 55 gallon barrel is what you're using. We go through the horseradish and have just been buying it of late. Thanks for the suggestion.

Mr. H. I will take you up on another start of horseradish as what's left is just a little sliver. I have a tomato plant growing for you from an heirloom seed variety Lynn S sent me and asked me to share with you. Thanks for the offer :)

Lynda said...

Mrs. Mac you have one of the tidiest gardens I have ever had the pleasure of viewing...I am so impressed! Send a couple of those voles my way...I didn't know how wildly horseradish would spread and I planted quite a bit a couple of years ago...we can't live long enough to eat even half of the stuff! I pull it out and a 1,000 more come back! Grrrrrrr!

Mrs. Mac said...

Linda ~ Well, knowing that it is somewhat of a weed, I suppose I'll have to be happy the voles ate as much as they did. I started it several years ago from a start from Mr. H .. and I moved it last year due to vole damage .. and they must crave it .. because they discovered it in the new area too. I'm going to try the container method.

Mr. H. said...

Sounds good, I'll dig one up and get it to you sometime this next week...will email you.:)

Wendy said...

I've tried to grow horseradish a couple of times now - no luck. Maybe I'll have to start the root indoors where I can keep an eye on it rather than just sticking it outside. I so love love love your new raised beds! I'd want to go out to look at it all day long.

Felisol said...

Dear Mrs. Mac,
I am impressed by the order and well planned gardening.
I'm afraid I'm quite the opposite. I put a plant where I find a place.
The only thing ready so far are the wild ramsoms I've planted all over me garden. They taste great to almost any dinner course, and they are so wholesome.
Good luck with the good work, I'll be following in awe and joy.

Sandy said...

Mrs. Mac, We had to put fencing up for the critters and an animal camera for the human invaders. We had teenagers last year destroy our garden. This year, I will use the camera to prosecute the human invaders.

Barbara in Texas said...

Oh.I.wish! I will be living vicariously through your garden this season...while we do work to keep the landscaping maintained with a touch-up here and there. As you know, I'm dropping one of my 'projects' to focus on the too many others! Hope to see you soon!

Pat said...

Looks great! Your going to have a wonderful harvest this year. It's a lot of work which reaps even greater rewards!

Lynn said...

Wow! Just look at those beautiful raised beds!! I really am admiring all of the hard work to bring your gardening to this level.

Voles are voracious here, too. At my place, they stay in garden #2 which is closer to the woods' edge, shadier, and lower than garden #1 or #3. I'm learning the plants they like through trial and error and maybe I'll be able to starve them!

Margie said...

I can't wait to plant my garden!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cathi'
It's grand to be able to come to a place and watch your Garden Grow... a long with every thing else that happens in your way of life. You know we live down in the 9-10 zone for planting..our Garden is slowly getting started this year... since we moved it to the front of our place here in Az ...Shelley's just finished tilling it today...But it's already up in the 80's...and will get a lot hotter by days end. So we don't do much out side after about 2pm mainly..cause of the heat. I see your's is mostly all in Boxes ! is that better for where you are at or it's just easier for you to get around them all ? Ours in all ground...it make it a lot easier for the Var-met's to get to every thing they want ... before we get it... you would be supprize what they like to eat at times here...the Ant's eat the water melon's ... and the rabbits do there share as well as our Ground Rodent's...and then there' is the birds...and snake's... and what ever else...we have just about every thing here to deal with.. heat,Winds, and sometimes cold...

love your Garden just the same thnk you for sharring...Dumabo