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Monday, March 25, 2013

Equiping The Next ...


Have you developed homemaking and/or homesteading skills that you can pass on to others?

I recently had the opportunity to give back by hosting a 4-H foreign cooking class in my home.  It was a good experience and we have more classes in mind and another one scheduled.  All it took was someone bringing up the subject .. then .. little old me .. offering to teach the class.

I gave the students a few choices .. and cookbooks.  They chose the country and cookbook ... AND the recipes they wanted to learn to make.  Japanese food was selected.  They provided the majority of food .. I supplied specialty items already in my pantry.

It was a good learning experience by students, teacher, and 4-H leader.  Next month we are meeting again to  make Danish food.  This is to fulfill requirements in their handbooks, and gave me the chance to share my cooking skills with a few lovely young women.

I think it is very important to share any skills we have learned so the next generation can be informed and skilled.


Sandy said...

I loved being part of the 4H learning new techniques and earning badges. It is very important to share skills with the next generation.

Star said...

What a good idea. I'm sure the classes went down very well.