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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pickle Taste Test

We've cracked into the fermented spicy garlic dills that were started a few weeks ago.  Actually, they are so good that we're on our second round and they are just as delicious.  Both times I used the same recipe.  Gathering about a gallon of medium to semi-large pickling cukes .. you know the size the delis sell from the pickle barrel.  All day sour pickles!
(an 'aside') .. look at those vine ripened tomatoes .. first time in YEARS to not pick green!

I cooled the freshly picked cukes in a bowl of ice and stored them in the fridge overnight.  Every single pickle is crisp .. even the spears.

Here's the recipe that I followed .. (except I substituted my own mix of mustard seed, whole black pepper and red pepper flakes for the pickling spice).  There will be several more batches 'hatched' as our backyard cukes are abundant this year.

 Fermented pickles are good for digestion.  Have you made any fermented pickles or vegetables this summer?


Moonwaves said...

Have done next to no preserving this year and am just about admitting to myself that I won't be doing any either. Not having a garden makes that decision somewhat easier, I suppose. A tin of tomatoes from the supermarket might not taste quite as nice as the ones I can myself but with the nice tomatoes at the farmers' market at nearly 5 euro/kg, the difference in price is just getting too much.
Haven't tried fermenting yet but do want to give sauerkraut a go this winter so as soon as the cabbages arrive at the market, I will try that. I was also just reading about kimchi and I have enjoyed that when I've eaten in Korean restaurants so will have to give that a go sometime. The small amount of preserving I've done this year included a large batch of bread and butter pickles (cucumbers) - I've been told they taste fantastic but since cucumber, to me, is one of the foulest tasting things in the world, I don't get much use out of it (was doing a favour for someone with a cucumber glut).

Sandy said...

Mrs. Mac,

Not yet, I will one day soon I hope.