“Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat. In our mad rush for progress and modern improvements let's be sure we take along with us all the old-fashioned things worth while.” Laura Ingalls Wilder

Friday, January 24, 2014

Bathroom #1 Update

The geometric design wall tapestry is actually a painted cotton rug.
We're fine tuning the décor in our home, you know, weeding out clutter, 'shopping' in the basement's storeroom and TJ Maxx.  Our son's (which is also the guest) bathroom needed a fresh look; something a little brighter. 
Sunshine yellow & white medallions on the shower curtain 

We switched out the shower curtain and added new towels and a few countertop decorations.  Added a small cotton rug in front of the sink AND one on the wall instead of a painting.  Who knew a rug on the wall would look so good.
A carved treasure box and burlap runner
Now we have a bathroom that is nice enough for visitors that didn't cost an arm and a leg.

I've dubbed this room 'Sunshine & Blue Skies'


Sandy said...

Mrs. Mac,

I love what you've done to this bathroom. There's nothing better than shopping in your basement or even TJ Maxx to get the look you want.

donna said...

It doesn't have to cost hundreds of dollars to change-up a room (unless it's a complete overhaul!).
Yellow is the perfect color to make a room "pop". "sunshine & blue skies.....how wonderful!!

Tanya Murray said...

Love the colour scheme and the rug on the wall is a genius idea

Kathryn said...

What a cheerful, appealing look! Nice to have some brightness in the New Year. :)

Lynda said...

The rug on the wall is perfect! I'm going to steal your idea for my guest bathroom!

Laurie said...

What a great redo! And I love your new name for the room. Fits perfectly!

Star said...

It's always fun to redecorate a room. I think you've done a great job here. Did you get your hair cut in the end?

Mrs. Mac said...

Yes, Star, I cut my hair in another bob .. I caved (LOL) .. couldn't stand the growing out process.

Pat said...

It looks Mahhhvelous! I love the colors, so bright and happy!
It's amazing what new accessorizes can do. Now I feel the need to change colors in my bath, and it's just been re-done!