“Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat. In our mad rush for progress and modern improvements let's be sure we take along with us all the old-fashioned things worth while.” Laura Ingalls Wilder

Thursday, February 26, 2009

My 'oven' proofed seeds have sprouted. First popped up the marigolds. The beefsteak tomatoes are just emerging. A few petunias are sprouting as well. I have taken off the lid of the paper egg carton and placed the marigolds under a lamp for 'sunshine' and a little warmth. With some birthday money I picked up a patio sized 'greenhouse' with about four shelves and a plastic zippered covering. It needs to be assembled. the shelves are far enough apart to grow stacked trays of lettuce all summer long without using the cover. By placing the growing trays on the shelves, water should trickle down from the first tray and water everything growing on the lower trays.

Photo: style of greenhouse purchased at sprawlmart for $38


Maggie Ann said...

Oh boy, I see why you are excited...me too. I love your patio greenhouse. I'll have to look for one. I have a pack of marigolds to plant yet. I'm proud of myself to have started some seeds on the last day of Feb. thanks to your inspiration I do believe! I'll post a picture when anything of mine sprouts...should be something up by next Saturday. Hopefully. =)

Maggie Ann said...

Forgot to say, Thanks!!! for the link to the newspaper pots.=) followed your link & I made three and look forward to planting things in them eventually. I did just cut the tops of of the 5 oz. bathroom drinking cups and planted my petunias and nasturtiums in them.