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Saturday, February 01, 2014

A Meal Redux

Redux .. to be brought back.  Adjective of a noun (meal) ...  brought back

So just how does a homemaker create delicious meals from scratch 7 days a week?  This is a very good question, because in today's modern world we tend to want convenience and short cuts instead of slow cooked and nutritious.

My secret to feeding my family without burning out is to make extra servings that can be made over into another meal.  It's a great skill to develop, especially when your family can't tell they're eating leftovers. 

By making extra cooked chicken, meatballs, roast turkey, pork chops, etc., you can more easily fix a second meal quickly.

Here are two examples of meals to make from left over tacos:

  • Mexican Tortilla Soup ~ Using a base of beef or chicken stock, add extra beef or chicken, chopped tomatoes, celery, onions, herbs .. etc.  Top with strips of corn tortillas, shredded cheese, and diced avocado.  Adjust salt/seasonings before serving.
The Mexican Quiche is a complete meal .. that includes a salad topping.  For the soup, serve with a tossed salad.  Here's a great dressing to add to your collection.  The recipe can be halved.  Mexican Caesar Salad Dressing

For breakfast today I made omelets filled with leftover reheated mushroom meatballs and shredded cheese.  My guys like the added protein in their meals since we are eating less grains.   You are bound only by your imagination .. go wild!

Please share your favorite redux meal.


Stephen said...

We do seem to think very much alike. What a nice blog. I've linked you at my place.

Sandy said...

Mrs. Mac,

I love making chicken broth with whole chickens, and of course the obvious carrots, celery, onion, ect...

I then pull the entire chicken bodies out of the broth and break them down into several meals.
Chicken soup, chicken taco's,chicken fried rice, chicken and dumplings, and I can the remaining chicken for future meals.

Any time I can make several meals with the same meat or vegetable, I do so to save time, cost, and energy.