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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

'Recipe' For The Flu!

Have culture, will travel!  I did it!  Neglected my immunity and now I'm sick.  When we travel our packed chuck box looks more like that of a pioneer chuckwagon taking care to bring most comforts of home. 

Cultured buttermilk was packed in our picnic cooler, but one thing I forgot was my nutrient dense kefir!  Kefir is a wonderful probiotic culture that is eons old (long story of history) (short history).  It's similar to yogurt, but much more potent and can keep you 'regular' and build up your immunity.  Studies have found that our immunity begins in our gut

Back to kefir.  Here are what kefir grains look like.

Rather like cottage cheese .. and when rinsed little pieces of cauliflower.  However, it's a mortal sin to rinse your kefir in my humble opinion.   The best place to obtain kefir grains is from a friend that wishes to share.  Or online. They multiply and it's perfectly fine to share about a tablespoon in you have double that amount.

Back to the flu!  On our recent vacation I tried very hard to eat healthy.  It's sometimes difficult when staying at a hotel or when you are a guest.  My sleep pattern was disrupted as well.  Getting proper sleep is right up there with consuming kefir or other cultured foods in my backwoods' doctoring opinion.  I did buy a plain kefir drink at the market, but it was full of unnecessary ingredients, a weak culture and tasted horrible. Dairy free options for kefir are also available, and I went three days without consuming kefir when we returned home.

The last time I endured the flu was in 2009 just prior to changing my family's diet to include organic pastured meats that I buy from local farms, fresh milk .. and soaked grains if we dare consume them.  I may have had one or two colds since then as well.  This is a pretty good five year track record in my opinion and attests to the need for nutrient dense foods and good sleep.

Next time I'll show you the process for making dairy kefir at home.  It's inexpensive once you have your kefir grains and tastes 100% better than store-bought.

So remember, if you're often sick, take the time to nourish yourself and get onto the road of good health .. one bite, sip, nap at a time.

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Kathryn said...

Oh, i'm sorry you're ill and hope you recover soon.

It is a challenge to eat well in our culture, isn't it?

I'm confident (tho don't want to sound unsympathetic) that with all the changes you've made your body will fight more effectively and your recovery will be a little less taxing.

Hope you feel better soon!