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Friday, December 20, 2013

Do You Want To Feel Better?

Several years ago I was a wreck physically:  Sleepless nights, aches and pains in feet, shoulders, knees and hips.  Creaky knees when climbing the stairs.  Dry skin on face.  It is not by some magic pill that I feel well now.  I did not look forward to growing any older.

Fast forward five years.  With a transition to a better diet, one that includes a variety of whole foods .. including grass fed meats, raw milk, organic farm eggs, organic produce, bone broths, healthy fats, cod liver oil and magnesium supplements, and almost zero processed foods, I have made a transformation health wise to feeling more energetic and zero pain. 

Shame on Western medicine practices that 'sell' pills for this and that and totally overlook that our food is the key to our health.  You really are what you eat. 

It's a bit more expensive to eat healthy .. but you only have one body.  And future medical expenditures for poor health will, in the end, be more costly to 'fix' than taking care of our physical well being at a younger age. 

How does a person go from a poor diet to a healthy diet?  SLOWLY.  One area at a time.  I started by eliminating processed foods that were causing hives.  Then cut way back on sugar and simple carbs.  While increasing fresh produce.  Then adding sprouted grains, homemade bone broths and finally, cod liver oil and an occasional dose of magnesium. 

If you are in poor health, please consider your diet and treat your food as your sustaining life force to good nutrition. 

Teach yourself how to grow a few edible vegetables .. and add to your garden each year.  Teach your children and grandchildren how food is grown.  Cook together with your family.  Teach yourself and family new skills each year to provide, cook, bake obtain good quality food.  With the speed of the internet, you can hone your skills in no time.  Take baby steps towards a healthier future.  The earlier you start with your children, the easier the transition. 

Who needs the gym?  Workout in the garden.  Walk around your neighborhood.  Use the stairs instead of the elevator.  Exercise should be free! 

Here's to your good health!


Sandy Livesay said...

Mrs. Mac,

This is a great post, and wonderful advice.

Everything you said is 100 percent accurate, and makes a world of difference in how you can feel.

Anonymous said...

I'm saving this as a reminder. Thank you!

Stella Jones said...

So true and I do it too, as best I can. I'm sure we feel better when we eat natural foods, especially foods we make for ourselves because we know what goes into them. Well done and keep going with it :) ps have you have your hair re-styled yet?

Sandy said...

I could have written this myself. I agree and know this to be true in my life. We really are what we eat. Food is meant to be our medicine and when we eat well we just naturally feel well. How I wish we were able to get raw milk here. That is the only thing you are consuming that I am not because I am unable to buy it here.

Mrs. Mac said...

Star .. my hair is shoulder length in a few layers .. curls well now and looks better when wearing winter hats. Will try and post a pic soon.