Photo: Great grandparents at their farm in Blandinsville, IL, with five of their six children .. my grandpa was yet a twinkle in grandma's eye. Stable boy and governess also pictured. Hodges farm, circa 1903-4

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Decisions, decisions! Now we need to do the number's crunch and try to keep to a budget for the "trimmings" ... I will really need help here to keep reigned in, especially once dh has gone back to work. Of course, he gave the builder his work cell number and threatened to cut up my credit card should I become uncooperative :). He really has nothing to be worried about. I just have expensive taste, but I like to shop at discount stores and put things together for a fraction of the cost. But other times, when I'm a bit stressed and short on time, I go a little hog wild :) If anybody posts a comment from now on out, please, PLEASE, PLEASE remind me to work within the budget, OK! So here's the thought on siding color. Plain old beige. Boring, boring, boring ... but beige can be decked out to make a statement too! My first choice in siding is Hardy-Plank cement fiberboard ... but it's too expensive ... and on top, you have to have it painted which cost another 5-6 thousand dollars. Wood is expensive too and is subject to termite. And then there's vinyl. Yuck, I said! until I started seeing it mixed with real wood cedar shingle accents and wooden eves. You never have to paint it, and they're estremely fade resistent now-a-days. So, I figured we'd go with one of the higher end vinyl's as this is what's on about 75% of the homes in my new neighborhood. And you know what? They look very woodsy and craftsman and beautiful all rolled into one. (The only exterior finish I've ever had is stucco.) Next comes the choice in color for the cedar shingles and their size and shape! This is not easy! Carpet and wood flooring were on the menu this morning, and I think the builder rolled his eyes when the store called to rat on me that I have expensive taste. So back to the drawing board for a few items at that store. We did great on the cabinet budget :) ... A little overboard with the lights ... but I can fix that with swapping out just one fixture. I'll get the hang of this thing sooner or later.


P.S. Now we're debating the cost of the Hardi plank cement fiberboard siding again. It just never ends. To be continued after I meet with the builder. Another last minute change is the addition of a gas hookup... and changing the waterheater and stove from electric to gas. This means another research "party" on cooking ranges. To be continued, again. BTW, we went to the floor store this morning and found some flooring within our price range (a good thing).
I'm so dizzy, my head is spinning!


Birmingham Girl said...

OK sister, STAY ON BUDGET! Well, that's out of the way, now on to reality :)
I have always lived in a house made of brick and kind of feel the same way as you do about vinyl. BUT, it's not the vinyl your grandpa used to use. What they have today is fantastic!! Who wants to spend their time and money painting anymore. Usually when you have expensive taste, you also have good taste, unless your Paris Hilton. You probably have a certain look in mind for the colors, now it's just a matter of narrowing it down. I think I need to fly out there and help you!! When we painted our cottage, it was such drawn out agony picking out the colors, especially since I really let Hubby Hal have the final say. It's mainly his place and I kind of gave him free reign on colors. Boy, that was hard! I'm rambling here, sorry! I really never realized all the choices you have to make, my hat goes off to you. Keep me updated!

Birmingham Girl said...

Oy, lots to consider. My head is starting to spin too! I've always had an electric stove because I never liked how difficult it was to keep the gas burners clean. I think that next time I might try a gas stove, they've come a long way.
I'm just spoiled with the smooth top range, it is so easy to clean. I'll worry about that when the time comes, for now we need to take care of your needs!! Like I said, oy.

Mrs. Mac said...

My biggest reason for getting the gas cooktop is I LOVE to cook with cast iron pans!!! And they just would not work too well with the glass top. Plus, when you turn off the gas, the burner stops cooking immediately. With sealed burners, they're really not to hard to clean, especially with the heavy duty grates that are cast iron with enamal. Now they have dual fuel. Gas cooktop with electric regular heat, convection, even gas assist heating ...I don't really want to go tooooo craaaazy with so many choices.